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2008: Chaz Boston Baden and Ann Totusek. Photos online: The Old Homestead part 29: The Secretary Desk (30-Mar-2008)
Little Michelle comes to the office (01-Apr-2008)
LASFS/Aftermeetings part 313: Coral Cafe (03-Apr-2008) et seq.
The photo of myself and ann_totusek was taken by ala_mokita at Coral last night.

Dang it, I started writing my post yesterday and completely forgot the point I wanted to make! So the "..." in my subject line today means "continued from previous post."

chaoswolf got married at a convention recently. Two people got married at Gallifrey One, the doctorwho convention in February. So far, nobody's tied the knot at animelosangeles in our first four years, although we've had two people meet at Animé Los Angeles 1 and get married a couple weeks before the next convention. And that's not the only wedding among Animé Los Angeles people, just the first one I heard of.

Weddings happen all the time, of course. I'm going to one in a few weeks in Arizona which will cause me to miss the Grilled Cheese Invitational. I need to go wedding-present shopping -- I hope to do that tomorrow.

I know that whenever a fan mentions they're going to get married, the immediate response from some of us (including ala_mokita) is "Want to get married at the convention?" There are a number of obvious plusses -- we've already got use of the ballroom, we can probably scare up a DJ and appropriate equipment easily, and if you don't have anyone to officiate we know a number of people who could do it up in style for you.

Not everyone wants to get married at a convention. (I know, hard to believe, but it's true.) How will the family react to all these strange people I hang out with? How many random fans that know neither the bride nor the groom will "crash" the wedding?

Well... these are good questions. I don't think a lot of strangers at the convention will impose, and those that do will probably hang in the back and look on with goodwill. If any present a problem, the rovers will quietly deal with it. How the family will react: you'd be inviting a bunch of these strange people to your wedding anyway, so they're going to meet them sooner or later, right?

It must be said that I'm saying all this from the point of view of the convention runner, by the way. A wedding is an interesting program item, and there's the possibility of a little bit of crossover, that is, people who decide the surrounding convention looks pretty interesting. Depending on the convention, your wedding guests might all get special badges that say something like "Wedding guest: Diana Glyer, mother of the bride" and be allowed into the dealers room to do a little shopping while they're here. The dealers certainly won't mind. You might end up with one of the Guests of Honor participating in the wedding, if you want. At the Gallifrey One wedding, the seventh Doctor gave away the bride.

2004: Thomas, Johnna 2008: Nicolas Wilson Baden. From the point of view of a participant... well, every Baden wedding since the 1940s has been different: my parents eloped, my sisters have had weddings in a church, on a boat, in a courthouse and in Las Vegas, and my brother and I have been married in a park, in a backyard by a pool, and in a balloon (left). So it would certainly fit the Baden family tradition. Not that any of us are planning to get re-married... but there is my nephew to think of (right).

missmea's a special case, because she's a Rodriguez, a Boston, and a Baden by marriage. If she gets married, I expect she'll do whatever she wants, within reason. Which is usually the case with brides.

2008: Little Michelle Bergdahl. 2007: Michelle Bergdahl and her dad, Jeff Bergdahl. Speaking of kids, Kim Bergdahl brought little Michelle to visit us at the office this week (left). Michelle's growing, as small children do. It wasn't that long ago that she was being carried everywhere (right), and now she's running with joy and delight.

If I was raising a small child, I hope I could be half as articulate as rivka -- her "Developmental update: Alex is about to turn THREE" is a marvel. (All of her posts about her daughter are fun to read -- if you want a relaxing evening, browse through them.) But when would I have the time? It takes me a week to upload a couple of days' worth of photos and to write my thoughts about them...

Anyhow, I'm incredibly unlikely to raise another child. I got to be an active stepfather for a decade, and I'm inordinately proud of being considered (with library_lynn) "her folks" which does tend to confuse people who've also heard her talk about "her father..." 2008: Emily Miniwumpus and her mom.But I digress. Seeing and reading about my friends' kids does that.

All right, one more picture of a friends' anklebiter: little "Emily Miniwumpus" joined us at FIDM last weekend (left).

2008: The secretary, an old (antique?) wooden desk thing. Growing up in the Costa Mesa house, there was a piece of furniture next to the front closet. First thing you'd see as you came in the door. We called it a "secretary." So before I grew old enough to meet actual assistants and receptionists, I didn't realize that a secretary could be a person and not a piece of furniture. It's a desk that has a bunch of compartments, and the lid folds down to use as a writing surface. Note the pieces that pull out on the sides to support it. (right)

I remember this as being full to overflowing with papers, so you had to be careful when you opened it. One of the treasures kept in here were the little booklets of "Pumpkin Carols," with Peanuts illustrations, made for a fraternity "Chi Rho" once upon a time. (But I may misremember, seeing as in my book Chi Rho is usually associated with Christianity. It's a mystery.) I've made up my own little booklets of Pumpkin Carols, and I've been continuing the family tradition of trick-or-treaters doing some kind of simple trick to get a treat. Which might include singing a Pumpkin Carol, most of which are sung to the tune of popular Xmas carols.

I also remember the decks of cards stored in a drawer. My parents used to be bridge players, and they had some of the hardware you need for setting up a game in there.

We're not really sure where it came from, whether it's a family heirloom or not -- all we know is it used to belong to my dad's folks. Grandfather could have picked it up in New York sometime in the early 20th Century, or it could have been handed down from previous generations. We really have no idea. It came with us when we moved to California in the '60s. But it looks darned good with a new finish. It's been restored, and placed in the dining room. (Its old location from "before" will eventually have a bookcase. We Badens are firm believers in Bookcases Everywhere.)

2008: Ann Totusek and Christian McGuire. The big news this week, though, has to do with Ann turning up in California. Ann had told me about a week ago to be sure to go to the LASFS meeting Thursday because there would be a surprise there, but I completely forgot about it. I have to get up early on Thursday mornings now, because there's a weekly conference call I need to sit in on. So when I got home yesterday I was tired. I flopped and took a nap until ala_mokita called me to tell me to go to Coral. He wouldn't tell me why, but told me I'd regret it if didn't come. Well, I trust him, so I put my shoes back on... Lynn and I didn't think it would be selinawoman home early, but I really had no idea.

Apparently when she'd been out here two years ago for laconiv she'd never left the convention site to, for example, go across the street to Disneyland. And she wanted to come back to So. Cal. to see the sights. As it happened, asimovberlioz had some time off, so he's hosting her and showing her around town. Go to the FIDM Movie Costume Exhbiit, Ann!

We talked a little about Megan. We learned that Megan's new car is a Ford Escort. (Can someone help me out: is the Escort the US analogue of the car that Ford Prefect was named for?) I told Ann I'd posted a link to the "Eisenhower Interstate System (Simplified)" map -- it's a great schematic diagram, done trolley-map style, which shows you how the principal Interstate highways (the 1- and 2-digit ones) criss-cross the country. From that, I learned that Megan could find I-70, take it west, then I-15 south if she wanted to come to California. Not that I expect her to turn up any time soon...

I asked Ann if she knew how weirdchic862 was doing on her ribbon skirt project. She didn't -- she drove the car down, said "happy birthday, here's a car for you" and was on her way out of town again without a lot of conversation happening. We learned that Megan doesn't get a lot of computer time when she's behind on her homework so that's why she doesn't always post a lot to her LJ. And that Megan's starting to win the longer-length swim meet races. (She's got endurance and plenty of muscle.)

We told Ann about Chili My Soul, the chili restaurant in Encino. Ann's on the Atkins diet, so a bowl o' chili should hit the spot just right. Since she's staying in Valley Village, a trip to Encino shouldn't be difficult any day she's here.

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