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Want some candy?

I've been putting together a tub of cough drops and candies. There are three kinds of cough drops (Luden Cherry, Ricola classic, and Halls Honey Lemon, if you care) and a whole bunch of candies. Most of them hard candies, because sometimes you want a candy to suck on to keep your mouth from going dry, or you may even be sick and you get so dang tired of menthol eucalyptus all day.

I've added other candies, all individually wrapped. Well, almost all of them, I couIdn't find individually wrapped jawbreakers but I got the Wonka mini Gobstoppers which come wrapped three at a time. I got some of the Brachs Fruit Slice candies, and Madame Treasurer came over and cherry-picked some of the Mandarin Orange ones out of the tub. I've got some British toffee candies; I just added an entire Quality Street tin into the mix.

There's really only one kind of candy I feel I'm lacking. I want to find some individually-wrapped licorice candy. Unfortunately the best (in my opinion) are no longer available, as Callard & Bowsers have folded shop.

I'm hoping I can find something at Holland International Market. Have you heard of them? There was a shop called Holland American in Bellflower, that closed last year. This place, not far from the old location, is the successor store. They have some dutch licorice. Wish me luck!
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