March 28th, 2004


Here we are, in a room full of strangers

My first LiveJournal posting. What a heady moment. I've got a lot of friends and acquaintances here, in LJ-land; probably more of them than I know, actually. Have you stumbled onto my blog and want to know everything about me? (Not likely, but I'll indulge myself here.)

I'm Chaz Boston Baden, a middle-aged man with a computer or two. I live with my second wife and the daughter of my heart, in a house in Orange County, California. Sometimes called the House of Nine Flamingos because of the pink flamingos in the front planter. Or the House of Ten Flamingos, or Eight Flamingos, or Nine and a Half Flamingos. We're not really concerned with precisely how many flamingos we have.

I'm a guy with a digital camera and a web page. The website has various things on it, but it's dominated by the section I call Hazel's Picture Gallery, home to seven years and six gigabytes of photos that I've snapped of people and things around me that have caught my eye. Mostly people - a lot of the 20,000 photos on my website are of people I've met (or at least seen and stopped in the street), and I usually have their names cross-referenced so you can actually find them. This has come in handy once or twice. In fact quite recently someone was looking for photos of their forthcoming convention's guest of honor, so they checked my website to see what photos I had. Wouldn't have worked so well if they'd come over to the house and I'd dumped a stack of albums with 20,000 pictures in them and told them to start hunting through them... The server is maintained by the good-hearted David Dyer-Bennet, of Mpls fandom; he has a soft spot for fannish projects and photography, and I'm involved in both.

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There's more to me than the big photo collection, of course, but since on my server it's more than 90% of the website, in terms of storage online and traffic when people visit it, and the work I put into it, I thought I should talk about it first.
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