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April 14th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

April 14th, 2004

April 14th, 2004
09:01 pm


Is there anybody going to listen to my story
Oh, I just created some LJ communities for organizations I'm active in.
  1. animelosangeles - Anime Los Angeles, a new little anime convention, starting in 2005
  2. lasfs - the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society
  3. laconiv - L.A.con IV, the 64th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), coming to Anaheim California in 2006.

And I've started seeking out my friends and acquaintances on LJ, I've stumbled onto some of them but I'm still looking for the clever brit faned who pubs Floss. Wish me luck with that.

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