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April 29th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

April 29th, 2004

April 29th, 2004
12:23 am


I don't eat red meat but I'm not a vegetarian; I like ice cream but not much dairy
Made it to Tulsa. (And there's a problem with the 'T' on this keyboard. Arrgh.)

Some random thoughts so far...

The baby in the row behind me only kicked and squalled a little, at the beginning of the flight to Houston. His parents get major points, in my book, for how well they took care of him. Getting him to sleep through most of the flight was definitely appreciated. The various toys and diversions (including some talking or otherwise electronically noisy toys) helped, I'm sure.

I'm always surprised to run into the fact that, despite being based in Texas (Houston), Continental doesn't serve Dr Pepper. That would be like a Michigan-based outfit not serving Vernors... As usual, I asked for a Coke and Ginger Ale; it's not a bad combination, and it means I get two servings of beverage. The dark rum I brought in (in a plastic drinking-water bottle) helped me to zonk out. I didn't sleep through takeoff and landing like I've done before, though.

And in Houston I had a nice little dinner at Popeye's. Cajun fried chicken, a biscuit, & red beans and rice (I could eat a plate twice). In fact, I went back for another serving of red beans and rice to take on the plane and eat on the flight into Tulsa.

Calls I received while sitting in airports: The daughter of my heart mislaid her cell phone at school. With any luck campus security (or the gardeners or the janitors) will stumble across it in the next day or two. Nobody tried to make any calls on it, so we don't think it was stolen.

And a couple more people RSVP'd our Dr. Seuss party, and expressed interest in bringing something. For those who may not know: I enjoy potluck parties, but I don't run potluck parties myself -- our results w/ potluck parties have been hit-or-miss, with more misses than hits. So if we invite you, it means we intend to feed you; all we are asking you to bring is your own sweet self to our dinner party. However, if you call up and offer to bring something, we'll gladly accept your contribution and we'll work out something that fits your inclinations and our food theme for that party. So if you've been invited and you're reading this, you don't need to feel guilty about just showing up and enjoying yourself, because that's exactly what we want you to do.

When I came out here in the winter (I've been here in December, February, and March) the captain on the flight from Houston came on the PA and announced our flight as the one for Tulsa "and continuing onto Cancun." Sadly, we all got off at Tulsa.

On this flight, I was surprised to be served a Dutch coke. I noticed something was a little odd when I saw at the top of the can it said 0,33L ... and when I examine it closely I see it's a bilingual can, with a plug for their web page at coca-cola.nl. I saved the can, to add to my small collection of interesting Coca-Cola cans and bottles. I was amused to see that they play games with serving sizes there, too; the nutritional information on the side was for a 100 ml serving. (Of which the can holds 3.3 servings.) Or is this a standardized thing that makes sense to Europeans?

The man who had the window seat (I prefer aisle seats, as far forward as possible so I don't have to carry my computers very far) professed a great love of windows. And he said he liked this window seat (5A) because it had two big 'uns. That's what he said -- big 'uns. Like "big ones" but without the wubbleyou sound. I'd never heard someone say that with a straight face before. But then, he's from Texas, and I'm most definitely not.

I rented my car from THRIFTY this time. As on past trips, I asked for an "intermediate" car. They gave me a Sebring (which he said was the same as the Stratus but with a different grille). The previous two trips I had a Malibu. I was spoiled by the Malibu; maybe I should go back to the outfit that rented me them. This car is a little bit of a tight fit for me. I've got those long legs, you know... I checked, I asked for an "intermediate" car last time, it's just this agency has a different interpretation of that term. *Sigh*

And the automatic lights on the Malibu sure had me spoiled; I never had to touch the headlight controls, they automatically came on when I released the parking brake (and the electric doors locked when I put it in gear). And they said this car was green. It's more of a greyish color. (Whine whine bitch moan...)

Did I tell you I'm not an early adopter? Took me ages to get my own cell phone (and it's not a picture phone either). I still don't have an 802.11g wireless laptop. My lovely wife and s'daughter each have iBooks with the wireless options, but my laptops belong to the firm and don't have such. (Yes, I'm travelling with two laptops. Makes for a heavy carry-on bag.) And on top of that, despite a 3-figure room rate, the Doubletree here doesn't offer highspeed access from the rooms... So I'm writing this from the Kinko's (on old Route 66), shivering under the air-conditioning. Whoopee!

P.S. I figured out my latest bug in the firmware, so I've actually accomplished something today apart from shifting my working location east two timezones.

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