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April 30th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

April 30th, 2004

April 30th, 2004
08:02 pm


She leads a lonely life
After I posted my last LJ entry, I shut down the laptop and brought it back to the hotel. When I tried to turn it back on, it said that the registry hive file C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG\SYSTEM was corrupted. Yikes! Fortunately I don't usually use that computer for anything important; everything on it can be restored, either here in Tulsa or back at the plant in California.

Tonight I'm posting from the living room, aka the Tulsa Engineering Office. With good news: we've meet or beat our speed targets. (.31 to .45 minutes per hundred, if you've been following our progress, Colleen.) But in the fun news: It's raining! Well, it was for a while there. Great big fat raindrops.

For my previous three trips (Dec, Feb, Mar) I've managed to miss experiencing Oklahoma weather. And what weather they have: last week was a week of supercells - two tornados touched down, as close as 15 miles to the house. (There are lots of people at work who COMMUTE further than that!) I know about tornados; I didn't know they'd had softball-sized hailstones recently, nor about "microbursts." A microburst is like a cosmic leafblower blown at the earth -- it's winds of about 90 mph coming straight DOWN, which hit the earth and turn and blow sideways, kicking up loose dust and gravel and stuff and it's no fun to be caught in.

The things the sky throws at these people...

Personal notes: Maria's phone turned up. Someone found it and called the house, in fact.

I got a call from Megan, she liked the looks of the metal music I'm sending her. And I heard from Ariel, and I went and visited the family and loaned her ten or eleven cds of world music from our collection. Mostly northern European, Finnish and Norwegian and Swedish-Celtic and so forth. Also some African music, and I threw in our "Legends of Accordion" cd. She was ecstatic.

And then I heard from TMI. He arrived at Demicon and learned that they'd announced an L.A.con IV party - so he's scrambling around to host one using the materials he brought. Good luck!

Yesterday I had chicken-fried steak at Tully's Diner, on old Route 66, specifically at the corner of 11th and Yale. Good stuff. But I'm amazed that these people think it makes sense to put a "non-smoking section" at the back of the establishment, so you have to walk through the smoking zone to get to it. Same thing today at the Corner Cafe - 11th and Peoria - where the separation is a wall of windows, and the windows have these two-inch gaps down the middle of them. *Sigh* Well, there are some non-smoking restaurants in town, but if I'm going to make a scenic tour of chicken-fried steaks (which is essentially the local ethnic food--thanks, Elspeth) I've got to deal with it.

Today had a "Chicken Chipotle Burrito" at Taco Bueno. (Taco Bueno apparently is a spinoff of a huge, famous, decades-old Mexican buffet restaurant called "Casa Bonita.") The lady at Taco Bueno called the burrito's sauce "Chipolte" sauce (rhymes with Nicknolte, I guess) but it was tasty, if not convincingly Mexican. It tasted more like barbecue sauce than any regular burrito sauce I've had so far. But what do I know, I'm not from around here...

Speaking of food, I learned about "Quorn" from Ariel when I was over at their house. It's a fungus. It's not quite a mushroom, but I don't know what it looks like; it's sold as a meat substitute (we use Portabello mushrooms out in California for that niche); and it's from England. Now you know as much as I do.

I found out that Conestoga's flyer artist is Randy Farran, the mandolin player. And that the characters on the flyers are named "Admiral Boulevard" and "Wagon Ho" (the man and woman in the spacesuits), the dog is "Scurvy" and we don't know the name of the penguin. I hope I can meet Randy while I'm here.

For now, though, I'm thinking of driving up and seeing how TMI did with the party. But if I do that I won't get there 'till morning, so it's not as attractive a possibility as if he were just down the road in, say, Oklahoma City...

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