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May 5th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 5th, 2004

May 5th, 2004
03:35 pm


Wasted days and wasted nights
I've had a few busy days... Friday night, I loaned Leila some miscellaneous music from our collection, and volunteered to take some Conestoga flyers to Demicon, since it seemed nobody else was going to Demicon from Tulsa. She had about 20. There was a phone number on the flyer, I called it to see if they had more. Randy Farran - the mandolin-playing artist I was trying to find - answered the phone. I met him at Metro Diner, got another dozen flyers from him, learned the name of the penguin: "Okie the Penguin" (apparently when OKcon was a going concern, they tried to determine the most alien creature they could think of, and decided that for Tulsa in the summer, a penguin with antennae would fit the bill), and I asked him if I could have some art, please, for L.A.con IV. We'll see how that goes... That night, the auto-update for L.A.con IV's web page worked -- Terrie Smith's art went live, w/o any human intervention. Yippee.

And then I drove to Des Moines.

Well, not non-stop; I stopped from time to time, when I got tired, and pulled my big heavy chinese wool blanket over myself and slept for a while. Eventually I had to wake up to find another restroom, at which point I drove some more... While driving through Missouri, I discovered the wonders of an all-automatic hand-washing station: a motion sensor starts the mechanism, which squirts a little soap on your hands, then warm water, and then hot air to dry 'em off. My only complaint would be that the whole thing's a little slow.

At one of my stops, when I pulled over to a side-road in Iowa, I slept until daylight, when an Amish horse-drawn wagon with farmworkers passing by woke me up... And eventually I made it to the Fort Des Moines Hotel, put on my teddy bear ears, bought my membership, and went upstairs to knock on TMI's door. While we were talking, Ann and Raven came to chat; while TMI and those two talked, I ducked into the bathroom to take my shower.

Remind me to lock the door the next time I do that.

I heard some door-opening noises, but didn't see anything when I looked around; later I found out what those noises were. Because my big beach towel, the hotel towels, the soaking wet towels on the floor, the washcloths, my clean clothes, and my dirty clothes were all gone. Yikes! What to do? Well, there was only one thing to do. Two, actually. I put my ears back on -- to preserve the mystique, you know -- poked my head out, and asked if I could please have my towel back.

After a successful conclusion to that affair, I enjoyed the rest of the convention. Some highlights: The "Shake Hands Fan" ribbons that TMI requested were a huge hit. TMI had asked for 30. I happened to have another 75 with me, and distributed them to Tadao, Ann, and TMI to hand out. Some of the other ribbons I brought proved to be popular -- including "Jailbait" and "Silly Ribbon." At the end of the con, Tadao asked me to give him a bunch of different ribbons to adorn Rusty's badge, so we gave him "It's Not A Fetish, It's An Interest" and some of the others I'd brought.

They had a "Music Room" at Demicon - a room at the other end of the hall from Gaming and the Con Suite, where musicians performed concerts. I stopped in during the "Mother Beat" set. They're a percussion group - lots of drums. Lucy (NLN) aka Nasira showed up and she danced during some of the drumming. The Music Room apparently was a huge success, judging by comments I heard at Closing Ceremonies.

Dinner Saturday was at "Raccoon River Brewing Company" next to the hotel, w/ TMI and Dina & George Krause. George ordered a cream soda -- and it was blue. Blue? I've seen amber and pink, but this was the first blue cream soda in my experience. TMI smoffed w/ Dina re the Chicago bid, the 2-year WSFS amendment, and the relationship or lack thereof between the two. George and I gazed deep into his cream soda.

The Con Suite had about eight kinds of soda pop on tap, and a larger variety of hard liquor at the bar. Also some ordinary bheer - like Bud or something. (Next door to a brewpub, and they have ordinary bheer? That seemed odd.)

More later.

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07:38 pm


Daylight come and me wan' go home
The Con Suite at Demicon had a nice assortment of healthy and junk food. A touch I liked was the bar-style popcorn machine... an easy way to have a hot snack cheaply. I mentioned the drinks; one drink conspicuously absent was bottled water, which has become a staple at our Southern California conventions at least. And I've noticed, at every party I've thrown, that more bottles of water get used up than cans of soda -- all flavors of soda combined, so I'm surprised that con suites everywhere haven't started stocking it.

There was a nifty concert Saturday night. Emma Bull was one of the gohs, so there was a Flash Girls reunion. In fact it was a combination of Flash Girls, Cats Laughing (well, 3/5 of the group, anyway), and Folk Underground, and the six of them called themselves Amalgum. They had a lot of fun playing together. They ran a bit late... they needed to clear out of the room in time for the Trans-Iowa Canal Company late-night show, "TICC After Dark 3: Moulin Smooth."

TICC performed two shows at Demicon this year, "Fnord of the Rings" and this one. This one had a start time listed of 12:30 (half past midnight) and was an adults-only show. Basically it was a strung-together assemblage of comedy sketches, with a few Moulin Rouge parody bits thrown in. That is, they had the Tango de Roxanne (with different matched couples dancing - two Klingons, two vampires, etc.), they had a humorous "can-can dancers vs. Raccoon Riverdance" where the men and the women had different ideas for the grand finale, and then of course they had the grand finale where they did the "Lady Marmalade" number from the original.

The TICC casts had 24 to 30 people (fewer people stayed up to participate in the late-night show), and most of them were on the committee or at least staff-level. So one of TICC's great strengths is the strong staff involvement. Another small thing that helps the TICC shows a little is the "Overdressers Anonymous" members, who all have formal gowns or tuxes in their closet -- so if they write a show that calls for formalwear, they don't have to scramble to obtain them. But apart from ease-of-access to black tie and white tie, the costuming was weak; the can-can skirts were just simple skirts (there's a technical term for the sheer white skirts they had but it escapes me) or petticoats that they swished back and forth. So they spent their time before the convention writing and rehearsing (and preparing for the con itself, and so forth), not making elaborate costumes like some people I could mention.

More later.

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08:47 pm


Roxanne, you don't have to put on the red light
More about the "TICC After Dark 3: Moulin Smooth," especially in comparison to the "Lux After Dark" show, which was set at "L'etoile Rouge."

TICC's biggest strength is their writing. I would have liked to have seen more original work, and less rehashing... The opening bit was simple yet effective: the stage was lined with red ropelights (so the cast could see the edge of the stage), and they started out with a couple of people sitting in a chair or standing, staying still while The Voice Of Ghod gave the preflight instructions. "Welcome aboard the Trans-Iowa Canal Company... Please turn off your cell phones... In the event of a water landing, the person next to you can be used as a flotation device..." Then they brought up the lights, we deduced that the man in the suit in the chair was the Smoffather and various supplicants came in suggesting themes for this year's show, concluding in the successful suggestion (and the news that the poor court jester could seek medical treatment for his plucked-out eye and broken arm) and the glad cry of "Live from Des Moines, it's Ticc After Dark!"

And they don't sing their own songs. What, there's nobody who can sing in that huge group? They lip-synced some of the songs, notably Roxanne and Lady Marmalade. I don't really need to see another pink wig any time soon, either.

More later.

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