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May 6th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 6th, 2004

May 6th, 2004
06:36 pm


Hungry, hungry, I am hungry, table, table, here I come
There was a nice turnout for the Masquerade at Demicon, including a good "Seraphim" from Megatokyo, the online comic strip which has been published in book form in two volumes so far. (She had the jeans, the tousled hair, the glasses, and the conscience wings, she was just missing the Apple laptop, which is kind of an expensive prop for a costume.) I've seen more and more anime/manga costumes showing up in masquerades - perhaps the "recreation/inspired by" section on the masquerade signup forms should have a set of discrete checkboxes for [_]movie [_]tv [_]comic [_]manga [_]anime [_]video game? And Sandy & Pierre Pettinger were at the con Saturday night (I don't know if they entered, were judges, or what), and they're world-class costumers.

So there are costumers at Demicon. I think that the committee participation in TICC shows it's possible to be on staff at a convention and have a part in the gala show; and we've seen in California that it's possible to have a gala show with nifty costumes. But is there a lot of participation in concoms by costumers? (Not counting running the Masquerade event or handing out hall costume awards.) If the costumers aren't running departments, then we're not going to see the three-way show/costumes/concom crossover happen anywhere. Prove me wrong, please!

Locally I can point to M.J. Jewell who helps with the Art Show. And Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and Jerome Scott (although M.J. made their Space Cadet costumes) who also are art show runners. Nobody else comes to mind. (I'm not counting my own "hall costume" -- granted, at one convention I attended this past winter, my teddy bear ears constituted the only hall costume at the convention, but that was a special case.)

Is it because we who get more deeply involved in conrunning don't have the time to make costumes, and vice versa? You'll only really have one big hobby you devote a lot of time to?

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