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May 9th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 9th, 2004

May 9th, 2004
12:58 am


You to me are sweet as roses in the morning
Can you believe it, I forgot to let the music play?

The party's over. Everyone left by midnight. (Typical; our party started at 7 pm, and many of them have long drives home back to L.A. or San Diego.)

Two things I've got to remember: more soda, less meat. I let Elaine talk me into 12 lbs of meat and that was too much. We had more than half the roast beef leftover, and about half the ham. We could easily have just ordered 3 lbs of ham and 2 lbs of roast beef. And the cooler has a leak, and is too small for this size of party. We had a couple of people show up who we weren't expecting, and some no-shows; the total number of people counting ourselves and the under-threes, we had 33 people.

The cooler is a Coleman PolyLite 48, and holds 62 cans (or the equivalent in 12 oz. cans and 16 oz. or 500 ml water bottles). I have a behemoth white cooler with green racing stripes; I need something between that huge one and this one that's nearly big enough for these parties.

Diana was soon recognized as Cindy Lou Who (and she's only two). Christopher was asleep in Brooks's arms most of the evening, at least until they left to buy Cynthia's mom a birthday present. The Belgian chocolate pudding was a hit, even before they started dipping the excellent strawberries in it. Kim's salad, the deviled Green Eggs (a little blue food coloring in the yellow egg yolk mixture) that were square. We told people they were laid by square chickens -- they play Lawrence Welk to the hens in the coop -- but that the chickens get really cranky when they lay square eggs..

More later, maybe. I'm falling asleep here.

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09:45 pm


Well this is my back yard, my back gate, I hate to start my parties late
So, if you weren't here for yesterday's party, what did you miss?

A house full of congenial people, and some nice conversation. A pleasant evening to sit outside on the back patio (where the benches are - also a couple of wrenches were out there too). nolly and her Cat in the Hat slippers. (Which made her The Fog, because she came in on little cat feet...) Marina and Tom with Tom's Shakespeare-meets-Seuss shirt ("I did not kill that king, I did not poison anything"), Colleen with her fuzzy blue Seussian socks. Dale had an actual Green Eggs and Ham t-shirt. (Apparently Elaine and Dale had been debating before the party whether other Dr. Seuss references would fit the theme, and decided to play it safe and stick with Green Eggs and Ham.) Dennis and Kristine with their Grinches. Lots of them. One to sit on a chair (or to be cradled like a particularly ugly baby), one to sit in Dennis's pocket, and so forth, plus the antlers-on-the-wall prop for the dog.

Click here for more party details.Collapse )

Anyhow, Lynn, Maria and I had thirty friends over last night, and we're glad we did.

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