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May 14th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 14th, 2004

May 14th, 2004
06:22 pm


Ooh just a little bit dangerous -- you pack your bag, you take control
Demicon report, last installment. Demicon was on the weekend of May 1. I didn't see a Maypole, though, or any May Day-related celebrations. Did I just miss them?

I mentioned that Rusty Hevelin had been Demicon's Toastmaster every year through last year. This year they decided to make him Fan Guest of Honor. Tadao had been FGoH at Demicon before, and they asked him to step in as TM. Apparently on Friday night this year (Opening Ceremonies, I think) the concom announced the formation of the Demicon Hall of Fame, with Rusty as the first inductee. Also they were naming him Toastmaster Emeritus and Guest of Honor for Life. [I may have the details wrong -- anyone know for sure?]

Friday was also the main party night. At this small a convention (about 500 people), with a really strong Saturday evening program and with most of the members on-site Friday, it makes sense that the major party action is on Friday. Cf. Boskone, which is much larger, draws from a larger radius, and doesn't have an overpowering Saturday night events running until 2am, where Friday night people are still arriving (or they show up Saturday).

Click here for the rest of my Demicon trip report.Collapse )

On my last day in Tulsa for that trip, I stopped off at Elspeth's house to pick up the music I'd loaned the girls, and told her I'd give her a box of caramel chocolates if she'd take the snausages off my hands too. She was busy working on a direct mailing for her firm, which involved folding together little cardboard boxes and stuffing them with a rubber ball, a note, and sealing them closed with a mailing label. I helped her with that, went back to my hotel, and flew home in the morning.

On the 18th, I fly back to Tulsa for another trip.

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