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May 18th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 18th, 2004

May 18th, 2004
10:19 pm


I sent a message to another time, But as the days unwind, this I just can’t believe
Well, here I am in Tulsa, for the fifth time. Sitting in a chilly Kinko's, checking my e-mail and such. Here for another 8 days, and no plans for the weekend this time. Maybe I'll go to the Philbrook Museum of Art.

What's happened lately? Well, Maria got two scholarships. (Or three depending on how you count them.) The larger one was an academic scholarship from the Fullerton College Foundation, which was based on her GPA. The other one was more interesting, though, in my opinion -- the History Dept. awards one scholarship (count them, one) and they picked her to receive it. She's their favorite best student. (And when she occasionally corrects the teacher - stirrups originated in China, not with the Mongols, for example -- she tends to be right.) And she has plans to go to Egypt this summer after the summer term ends and before she goes off to UC.

If you've been wondering about my slow updates on Hazel's Picture Gallery lately -- seeing as I've been to three conventions, a wedding, and the Grilled Cheese Invitational since the beginning of the year, in addition to miscellaneous parties, events, and these trips out of town -- never fear, I'm almost done working behind the scenes. I've got a crude database set up using dbm files, I'm checking over all of the existing photo captions and the like, and I'm pleased with my progress.

I'm back at the Embassy Suites - I stayed there on my February trip - and I've got a Chevy Malibu again. It's humid, and warm here (well, except here at Kinko's where I'm under the A/C vent) -- I'm used to our California desert climate, dry and the temperature drops ten or twenty degrees at night. I've traveled to Tulsa in December, February, March, April, and May, and I think I like April best...

I sent Elspeth E-mail, and left a voice mail for Ariel, telling them I'm in town again. Got more music to entertain Ariel with, including Reindeer Rock '92 (Finnish rock and roll), and some of my lovely wife's favorite native urban songs including Indian Car and I May Want A Man (which you can find on the Northern Exposure Vol. 2 album), and of course the Indian Square Dance song. Plus Orphan's Lament (Tuvan throat-singing) and my German pop compilation album that Lars brought me back from one of his trip... A bunch of stuff. And some chocolates (mostly Dutch) from Holland American, that great import shop in Bellflower on Artesia east of Bellflower Blvd.

Also I've shipped a box of salty snacks that I intend to present Randy with. He likes chips and the like, so I grabbed a few of my favorites and other unusual items at Trader Joe's. I hope to see him again this trip.

The reason for the trip, of course, is once again working closely with our Tulsa Engineering Office. We're reaching the end of this part of the project. Colleen's ordered a couple copies of Applied Cryptography and Practical Cryptography which will surely come into play -- it's not enough to have Gladman's Rijndael (AES) source code, we also need to create a robust key-generating algorithm. By "we" I mean our Windows software team, of course, but I'm doing some of the research. Kurt's a bit dismayed at the task; I wonder if two Schneier tomes will encourage him, or sink him deeper? We'll see!

Brought three laptops this trip - two in carry-on, one in checked bag. (Thanks, Colleen, for packing it. Hope it survived...) The TSA security guys at TSA say the record for laptops in carry-on bags is six in one of those wheely bags, hope it never comes to that for me.

In Hugo voting news, I read Blind Lake recently, and read Singularity Sky on the plane. Ilium is next, it'll be my bedside reading this trip.

Don't really have a coherent narrative here, just bringing the world up-to-date. More later, if anything interesting happens.

Current Mood: chilled
Current Music: Jackalope - Dances With Rabbits

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