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May 23rd, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 23rd, 2004

May 23rd, 2004
01:11 am


I hold my head up high looking to the sky
Did I tell you about what happened with our shipment home? I decided on Thursday to send two of our test units back to Engineering with our firmware so far, so that Kurt could get going with the encryption framing and the bandwidth conservation, Colleen could test our work so far, and the folks upstairs could get a sneak peak at one of the previous test versions from before I left town. (We don't have programming capability back in Engineering yet, so I couldn't just e-mail Colleen a file.) Surprise number 1: Kinko's doesn't have a UPS drop box anymore. (Methinks this relates to the Fedex buyout of Kinko's a while back.) Surprise #2: the nearest drop box has a door that's made for letter boxes and other flat packages. We had the two units in a box, when I realized it wouldn't fit. G said he could make it fit - by jamming it in there, and bashing the sides down, and forcing it. Nope. Doesn't work. So we fished it back out and got one of the UPS Blue tyvek envelopes.

The boards were wrapped in bubble wrap. I didn't want them to slide loose (and we didn't have any tape with us -- we're doing all this on the sidewalk in the wind), so I fished a gallon zip bag out of the trunk that I didn't need. I shook all the tortilla chip crumbs out of the bag, stuffed the bubble-wrapped boards in, put the whole thing in the mailing envelope with our airbill, and tried to push it in the box. It still was a tight squeeze - we had to pop some of those bubbles and kind of mash it down to get it through the gap in the back. (We could have used a broomstick at that point to poke it down... should be standard equipment, right next to the airbills and other supplies...) When Colleen got the package, she said she could tell that I packed it (the zip bag gave it away, G would have used tape) and that I'm not allowed to grouse about how people pack delicate electronic equipment anymore.

[Paul's Salsa Bar] Highs and lows have been about 90 and 70 F around here. It doesn't get cold at night. Right now I'm down at Kinko's again finishing up another day's fiddling with Hazel's Picture Gallery. I've uploaded two new photos and used my new tools to create the HTML page for them. (Hooray!)

Leila and Ariel's box, and Randy's box, arrived at Elspeth's house. Ariel hasn't been home much lately, what with keeping busy, spending time with her father, and going camping this weekend. (Ariel's the older daughter, the one who's going to India in July for ten months instead of spending her h.s. senior year here.) So Leila laid claim to most of the goodies. The box contained Australian red licorice, Callard and Bowsers mint toffees, dog biscuits for Annie, Hansen's sugar-free ginger ale and root beer (made with Splenda, not Nutrasweet), a can of Dutch blackberry soda, some black currant mints, garlic-parmesan potato chips, a whole bunch of Trader Joe's fruit leathers (two in each flavor - mango, blueberry, etc.), a canvas Trader Joe's bag, lemon meringues, ginger animal crackers, and some other goodies I can't remember right now. She and a group of friends went off to the drive-in Saturday night to see Shrek 2 -- yes, they still have a drive-in movie theater in Tulsa -- and she took the goodies to share. Leila likes feeding people, so I guess it's okay; as Elspeth says, if I'd wanted to make sure her daughters split the goodies equally, I should have shipped them to her attention instead. I just hope that for the things I enclosed two or three of, that Leila leaves one of them for Ariel.

Elspeth, Dana and I saw Shrek 2 Saturday evening; Lynn and Maria saw it Saturday afternoon. Enjoyed immensely; different storyline, not a rehash of first movie; intend to see again and/or buy a copy; would like a particular toy from the movie. Be sure to stay for the credits, there's an extra bonus bit about a quarter of the way into the credits crawl. We saw some trailers for various upcoming movies, including the new Pixar for Disney movie The Incredibles. (Anyone know if that's the last one before Pixar broke off from Eisner?) Also The Terminal with Tom Hanks as a foreign national who's stuck in an airport. Both look like they'll be fun.

I was driving on Third Street Saturday afternoon, and saw an unusual storefront: Underguy. (Caution: website is not work-safe, unless you work in the clothing industry or for Xodus magazine.) "Underguy.com is your dedicated men's underwear store!" They sell manly, masculine, male underwear. Did I mention it's all very manly? Boxers, briefs, jock straps, thongs... Very masculine, for manly men. You can also buy parachute-cord necklaces in various pastel colors. And they're open 'till 3am on Fri/Sat nights, so you can stop by for some new underwear on your way home from the clubs. I may go back for some photos of their interior and the very fit and well-groomed proprietors, and to see if they have anything in my size.

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