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May 30th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 30th, 2004

May 30th, 2004
04:07 am


In tropical climes there are certain times of day
Whew! 24 hours at Fanime Con, and now back at baycon.

At Fanime, I ran into telaryn and Barb Van Tilburg at the Off World Designs table. I hadn't expected to see someone at Fanime that I'd seen at Demicon! I gave her two of the L.A.con IV Fan Publicity shirts to embroider names on, and we talked about this and that. They and I had dinner at Peggy Sue's, and Barb promised to give me a Dealer's badge to get back in on Sunday as I'd just purchased a Saturday-only registration.

This was Barb's first trip to Fanime. Offworld Designs produced the official Fanime t-shirts, and they also produced two new t-shirts for the anime market: a blue t-shirt with "Glomp me!" and a black t-shirt with "Glomp me and die." written on them. Glomping is where you get a running start and run and jump up to hug some one. I met two ladies standing in line for "Bishounen Bingo" wearing them; one of them told me "Sixteen so far!" (I'm pretty sure she was referring to her glomp count, not her age) and said a friend of theirs was up to sixty glomps the last time they talked to him. There were about 250 people in line for Bishounen Bingo, and only 200 chairs in the room, for this event sponsored by yaoicon.

While taking pictures, I met ladymetaka, katsu_chan, linkyblank, adrono2525, yoshi31, and various other people who commented on my Live Journal badge. ("Are you here from Live Journal?" was a typical question. "I didn't know there was a Live Journal meet here!?" also came up.) I'm about out of business cards - did I just have a thousand printed last year? Gotta get more, and perhaps put my LJ id on 'em.

There were two ladies dressed as Tira Misu and Chocolate Misu from Sorceror Hunters. Chocolate was beach-legal, thanks to the appropriate use of toupee tape to keep the suspenders in place... I was once again dismayed to find that this anime convention doesn't have a con suite. Baycon's con suite is only open in the evening, but that's better than nothing, I guess; at both conventions, they have gopher rooms (or the "Vole" [=Volunteer] room at Fanime) with snacks for the volunteers and staff and up, but nothing for the regular members during the day. (Shakes head sadly)

Bought a few dvds - My Neighbor Totoro and Pando Go Panda. Both G-rated (or equivalent), for when my brain doesn't want anything too deep. At dinner we talked about some of the differences between subtitled and dubbed anime -- for example, the subtitled edition might have an older rating than the dubbed, when they've changed the lines in the dubbed version to (say) take away the hints of sexual orientation in Tenchi-Muyo or Sailor Moon.

Oddest costume - the "Squishy Frock of Shame" from Pockybot. Most adorable: mother and daughter in matching Card Captor Sakura outfits.

[Paw print stickers] Back at baycon. Other LJ folk here include eric_in_elevatr, bustymcboob, lysana, and darrelx; you may recall I wrote here about Darrel's bachelor party and wedding. I found my little clipboard and the pawprint stickers, which is good because I've run out of some of the ribbons I brought, such as "Shot by a bear."

There were a bunch of "We want YOU to vote Japan for Worldcon 2007" flyers at Fanime. I hadn't seen them here, so I grabbed a few to put out.

I'm really tempted to spend the afternoon here in the Internet Lounge, working on the Picture Gallery captions, but it's getting crowded and annoying here so I guess I'll come back later.

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05:06 am


Got a good reason for taking the easy way out
Odd noises and sounds last night about 1:00 am: The tabletop gaming room at Fanime had a bunch of guys (including Rob Harrell, Jonathan Osborne, A.J. Nievera, Mike Mallon (-everybody calls me "Blues"-), Robert Blatt, and "Ash" playing some sort of time-travel card game, while they played kazoos. What did they play on their kazoos? Old Atari video game theme music.

Meanwhile, Randy Bartlett (aka "Tigger in a Kilt") was pounding away in a corner. He was making black leather chaps, and pounding holes in it for his needle to thread.

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