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June 6th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

June 6th, 2004

June 6th, 2004
02:29 am


Jenny came over and told me about Fred, he's such a hairy behemoth she said
Menolly at Baycon I think I've figured out how the captions on the wedding photos got shuffled up. It has to do with taking multiple batches of photos, and filenames getting reused... you don't care about the details, but I know what I have to watch for, and with any luck I can prevent it from happening next time.

With the wedding pictures, I took multiple batches, but all with the same camera; then, recently, I renamed/renumbered them, and I think that's where I got into trouble. A similar problem nearly arose with the Baycon photos - I want all of my photos to have unique filenames, so the new batch got renumbered to "baycon080.jpg" and up. Potential overlap of numbers, but I think (crossing fingers) I didn't screw up the Baycon captions. The Baycon situation was complicated by the fact I was shooting with three different cameras and then trying to renumber the files to work in chronological order, so there was a lot of potential to make mistakes. I intend to rewrite my photo-collection tool (it reads JPGs off of the multi-format card reader, and renames them as it goes along) to handle a merge like that so I don't screw up next time,

I've been through all of my e-mail from the past month or so of caption updates, and processed all of them. So I'm caught up on that front. And as you may have noticed, if you click on nolly's smiling face above right, you'll get my photos from Sunday afternoon at Baycon. I've decided I'll upload all of the Baycon photos, then go back and upload the Fanime Con pictures from Saturday and Sunday, so they won't quite go up in chronological order.

Stayed home sick Friday and sat around all day Saturday because I've got this sore throat. I'm going to try attending the meetings in San Diego anyway, because I'm hoping the worst is over. Wish me luck...

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: Mali to Memphis - An African American Odyssey

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