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June 8th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

June 8th, 2004

June 8th, 2004
01:02 am


What do you do when you're falling, you've got 30 degrees and you're stalling out
Squishy Frock of Shame I've uploaded my Saturday afternoon pictures from Fanime Con. The critter at right is the "Squishy Frock of Shame" from PockyBot. (Now you know as much as I do...)

Meanwhile, the cross-references aren't back online, sorry. Halfway there, actually, I'm pleased with my progress but it's getting late.

Current Mood: sicksick
Current Music: West Nkosi - "Mazuzu"

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12:35 pm


This happened once before when I came to your door
Good news bad news time, folks... The Cross-reference by name index for Hazel's Picture Gallery is back online, with freshly regenerated index lists for each person. And the index pages have more pictures, so you don't have to dig deeper for most of the folks that I only have a few shots of.

The bad news is, some older photos seem to be missing. So far it seems to be personal stuff - some files that start with "cat" and "xmas" seem to be missing. Arrgh!

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Current Music: Andreas Vollenweider - Down To The Moon

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08:04 pm


If you're thinking you're too cool to boogie, boy oh boy have I got news for you
Metaka Maxwell at Fanime Con Well, maybe things aren't working right behind the scenes, but I've got a few more photos visible, from Fanime Con on Saturday night. Just click on ladymetaka's smiling face to bring 'em up...

Behind the scenes: my new and improved cross-reference database tools have some bugs in them. I'll hold off indexing the new names until I get that fixed. Wish me luck!

Current Mood: hoarse
Current Music: Glenn Morgan - "Merrily Kiss The Quaker"

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