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June 10th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

June 10th, 2004

June 10th, 2004
03:14 am


Get down. Radio video, boogie with a suitcase, you're living in a disco, forget about the rat race.
[Menolly's Move] Still rewriting Picture Gallery tools in my spare time (and staying up too late to do it). Got some pictures online from Solley's (LASFS "aftermeeting") and and some pictures from helping nolly pack & move when tkil was kind enough to loan me his camera and get me the resulting pictures of himself, herself, myself, and ashi. (corrected)

Current Mood: restlessrestless
Current Music: Evil Genius Orchestra - Cocktails in the Cantina

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