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June 18th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

June 18th, 2004

June 18th, 2004
12:45 am


Sensitive child keep running wild in a confined space. But you're not to blame
Menolly, Todd, and Tony A handful of new pictures up, including nolly, ashi, and tkil as pictured at right working on helping her move.

The big news tonight is the Most Recent Additions page, which has been revamped entirely. It used to go by file timestamps, which did not necessarily match up with new uploads - if I'd been correcting captions, or had some other reason to write a picture page back to the disk, it would show up here. Very frustrating to have photos a couple of years old show up here! Now it uses the database and goes back 10 calendar days, and anything that was unveiled in that time frame is shown. Furthermore it breaks them down by date launched.

The other thing I've done, as I foreshadowed the other day, is a tweak to the Cross-Reference Index. If you look under, say, C, you'll see all of the entries alphabetized under C -- and then there's a bonus section at the end of first names beginning with 'C'. Am I the only "Chaz" in the database? You can find out. If there's more than one person, clicking on the first name brings up a simple CGI that goes out to the database and looks them up; if there's just one, clicking on the first name goes straight to that person's index page.

In other news, I sent in this month's order of ribbons. I'll be ordering more after Worldcon and before Loscon. (Are you going to Noreascon? marykaykare is talking about organising LiveJournal party.)

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05:08 pm


My love don't give me presents. I know that she's no peasant. Only ever has to give me love forever
Lynn getting dunked Recently the Yorba Linda Public Library had an event in their parking lot, called "Stampede to Read" to draw attention to and kick off their summer reading program. They had a musician, a snack bar, a bounce house, a bouncy boxing ring, face-painting, and a "Dunk the Librarian" booth, along with various booths for their reading programs and a raffle for a big teddy bear. library_lynn signed up for the "Dunk a Librarian" booth. Maria and I got there five minutes after her shift started, so I missed the chance to see her dry...

The was a young girl at the fair named "Ashley" who was so good at hitting the target, they made her move back to the grownups start line. She's the one in the "Boywatch" swimsuit in some of the shots. Click on library_lynn's smiling face at right to see the pictures.

Incidentally trying to take pictures of someone getting dunked is difficult, especially with the slow warmup, shutter lag, and recharge on the camera I was using. I would push the button when the ball was thrown, and sometimes all I got was a seemingly-empty tank because the dunkee was still underwater but the splashes had already died down! I really need extra memory for my faster camera, so this doesn't happen again...

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