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June 20th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

June 20th, 2004

June 20th, 2004
02:09 am


Long distance direct'ry assistance area code 212. Say hey A&R this is mister rhythm and blues.
I want to do a "Best of Hazel's Picture Gallery" slide show at Armadillocon. I can zip through 500 photos - maybe a thousand if I go 2 seconds per image - so which ones should I show them? I'm starting to look through them, but would welcome suggestions.

Today was caprine's birthday party and concert at Lestat's West in San Diego. She could run for president, so we came up with some campaign slogans for her and put them on brightly colored signs all over the room.

A vote for Allison is a vote for law & order & whips & chains
Put Allison on top
Reduce teen pregnancy through better sex ed - vote for Allison
First president in over 40 years with sex appeal - vote for Allison
Perverts, weirdos & stockbrokers say "yes" to Allison
The Committee for Surrealism in Everyday Life says "yes" to Allison
Tentacle Monsters say "yes" to Allison - Allison says "yes" to tentacle monsters
Pink Lawn Flamingos say "yes" to Allison
Lions, tigers and bears say "yes" to Allison. Oh my!
Have you said "yes" to Allison?
N.O.W. says "No" to "W"
Tired of the same old sleazy sex scandals? Put Allison in the White House
Vote Lonsdale - She'll whip the country into shape
Come out and play - Vote for Allison
Peace, Love, and Tolerance - Allison in '04
Make Love Not War - Vote for Allison
Vote for Allison - Give safe words to P.O.W.'s
No torture without consent

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04:08 pm


I was travelling down the road feeling hungry and cold, I saw a sign said food and drinks
I met a bunch of people and took some pictures at caprine's thing yesterday. We got a slow start out of Orange County, but we got down there by 3:30 pm. We were initially confused because the instructions said "Lestat's Coffee House" and when we got there we didn't find a party of any sort. Whoops! But next door was "Lestat's West" (on a much smaller sign) and that's where everyone was. We missed some of the early foolishness, and some of the people had left already, but we were there in time for the "Name the Dildo" contest. There was a big wooden thing, all polished and ready for naming. "Ron Post" seemed to be the winner.

I took some pictures, then realized I didn't have on the LJ badge that johno made me. After I put it on, I learned that in addition to myself, caprine, darrelx, esprix, glittercat13 and library_lynn, other people there on LJ included strigine, impboysd, persephonedance, sahari, shinobimaasch, velleity_d, and voidmonster. Plus a handful of others who I didn't think to ask when I wrote down their names.

caprine was really complimentary about my taking pictures at her event -- it seemed to make her happy. (Has she written any songs about happy experiences in her life? I may have missed those when library_lynn and I ducked out for some fresh air...) It was nice seeing Pam Matthews and some other San Diegans I've only seen in convention contexts, too.

I've moved all of the pictures off of my camera memory cards onto my laptop, rotated the ones that needed to be turned, and typed in all of the names. I'm almost ready to upload them to Hazel's Picture Gallery - watch this space!

Shortly library_lynn and I are going to Pasadena to see the tail end of the Chalk Festival, and perhaps say hi to Selina. I assume Maria's going off to her dad's for father's day; we celebrate "Stepfather's Day" next weekend.

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