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June 22nd, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

June 22nd, 2004

June 22nd, 2004
12:33 am


I listen for your footsteps coming up the drive. Listen for your footsteps but they don't arrive.
Selina's Rocket I took a few pictures at the Absolut Chalk Festival in Long Beach, billed as the largest in the world. We were there Sunday, didn't see Selina (but we found her rocket art). Had some similar feelings as I've experienced at Anime Expo: too many beautiful creations to absorb them, let alone stop and photograph them (here chalk art, there costumes); and a great mass of people and I don't know any of them. (At AX, that's not quite true, but the feeling is there anyway. Maybe it'll be better this year.)

Working on getting the LJ links on the cross-references. Almost there. Soon you'll be able to click on your name in the Cross-Reference (or at the end of a picture page) and see a link to your LJ.

The observant will have noticed that I'm also working on getting photos up more quickly, instead of stockpiling them. My database and tool rewrite has a lot to do with that! (My new business cards will promise them to be up in "two weeks" which should cover situations like long vacations.) I've got one program I want to port from Unix to Windows, which won't be tough (it's in C, uses GD graphics library which is available on both platforms), and when I have that I can create the viewable-size and thumbnail-size images on my laptop. Why is that important? Because I don't have to be connected to the net - I can just let the laptop work on it, possibly having the program run as soon as I've brought the images onto the laptop and turned them right way up. At this point that's the main bottleneck that can be sped up.

This weeend is shaping up to be a busy one, we've had 4 invitations so far. The first was for Long Beach residents Sharon Morgan and Mike Sheffield's wedding. We've also been invited to glittercat13 and darrelx's San Diego meet-up, to Scott Beckstead's poker party, and most recently to Long Beach residents Allison Hershey and Glenn Glazer's potluck party.

We probably won't go to all of them... library_lynn can't go to the wedding, she's working, but I'm free to go hither or thither.


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01:06 pm


Couldn't figure why you couldn't give me what everybody needs. Shouldn't let you kick me
Regarding names, LJ ids, and my Cross-Reference Index.

If your LJ id maps easily to your rn -- examples: erikvolson, marykaykare, wouldyoueva -- or if your rn is in your LJ userinfo, I'll assume it's okay to put a link to your LJ on your Cross-Reference Index page. If you tell me your LJ id as I'm writing down your rn, I infer permission until you tell me otherwise. (Grey area: you're wearing a badge with your rn and another with your LJ, and I write down both and you're not paying attention. I think I'll start saying it out loud, to draw attention to the fact I'm writing it down.)

Whatever I use for "real name" is up to the person presenting it. I had an interesting case recently (the names are changed for the purpose of this sentence) where I wrote down John Doe's name and he/she said I could put his LJ handle of ishmaeldoe, but only if I listed his rn as Ishmael Doe to match.

Otherwise, I'll await permission if your rn isn't visible in your LJ userinfo. For the most part, I'll be adding LJ's as I take new pictures and write them down in my little notebook along with the names. So if you're reading this, and you'd like your LJ linked to your cross-reference page, tell me the next time I take your picture. Or tell me now, if you prefer. (As another note: I can put links to your home page there, too. If you have both a link to your homepage and a link to your LJ in your cross-reference page, the newly-revamped page generator will put whichever one comes first next to your name in the name-summary at the end of the page. This is a new feature, so you won't see it on older pages until I tell the database to re-generate them.)

Another example: I know who rivka is, but I'll wait until she tells me it's okay. I can see that supergee is Arthur, so I've cross-referenced him; I can deduce who nellorat and womzilla are, because I've read his zine, but I'll wait until I hear from them. (In fact, Nellorat's userinfo specifically says "If you know me, please don't use my real name. I don't expect anonymity (I'm not that stupid), but I'd like to make it harder for clients and employers to locate this by just googling my name." I don't have any pictures of her anyway -- I suspect that when I meet her, it'll be another "Last name not provided" caption.)

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