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August 19th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

August 19th, 2004

August 19th, 2004
08:20 pm


My mommy bought a toothbrush, it was a lovely pink, and when it looked across at Dad's
[Melinda Russell as Belle]Saturday at Anime Expo, pictures online with caption info. Click on Melinda Russell's picture to see them.

Thursday night at Armadillocon: Karen Meschke brought my bumper stickers to dinner. She had found some "Austin" bumper stickers suitable for putting on the Fan Gallery shipping cases, to show where it had been; my favorite were the ones that said "Keep Austin Weird."

After dinner I went to the Art Show, to see if I could take some pictures of set-up and perhaps help out a little bit. (But mostly for the pictures.) Armadillocon uses a system that they say is the same that Baycon uses, where two 8'wide by 4'high peg boards are set on opposite sides of an A-frame arrangement. They had the Art Show almost set up, but the Fan Gallery wasn't going to get its fixtures until the following morning, in the Dealers' Room.

So Friday morning, went down to the dealers room. The dealers were setting up, and the A-frames were in place, and the pegboard got put up quickly. library_lynn and I started setting the pegboard hooks. We put up the first row on each panel before leaving for the pizza lunch.

The pizza lunch was at Mangia Pizza, and a number of fans gathered for it, including Analog editor Stan Schmidt. There were about a dozen of us, all told, and the deep-dish pizza was mighty tasty. The "Keep Austin Weird" campaign is an effort by local businesses to encourage people to shop at the locally-owned shops, instead of taking all their business to the big-box stores. Another slogan, which we saw on a banner at Mangia Pizza, was "Do your business in Austin" with a puppy-dog mascot.

Lunch was also where I tried to give one of the fans a clue; I flat-out asked him to please "Chew, swallow, and then speak; we'll wait for you." Didn't work, though. I resolved I wouldn't have any more meals where I sat across from him. From a certain POV it doesn't matter if he's got bad manners, or if I'm out of line for trying to correct him (or both) -- if I don't put myself in that situation again, I won't annoy him by trying to change him, and he won't annoy me either.

I mentioned Armadillocon has lots of friendly Texans, yes? Kurt Baty is a friendly local Texan, who had volunteered to pick me up at the airport. Kurt Baty and Scott Bobo wrote the party reviews for the Worldcon party scene for many years, until hanging up the towel recently. Scott used to live in Austin, and moved to Georgia sometime after college. Kurt told me all about "Worldcon party fandom" -- those fans who regularly attend Worldcons, and go party-hopping. A nearly-completely separate group from those who host the parties: the primary exception being when Texas bid for the 1997 Worldcon. Kurt and Scott helped throw the parties and some of the Russian party fans did door duty...

Kurt and Scott are also both former Armadillocon Fan GoHs, and Scott is famous for serving (and consuming) vodka martinis. More about those later.

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