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August 25th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

August 25th, 2004

August 25th, 2004
12:04 pm


If I walk down this hallway tonight, it's too quiet, so I head through the dark
Sailor Neptune and KirbyMonday pictures from Anime Expo are ready. I have finally caught up to all those captions in my little notebook with the tiny ballpoint dangling from it. Now I can work on library_lynn's Trout Creek pictures, my Armadillocon shots, and my brother's wedding up in the balloon...

Friday night at Armadillocon, I wore my lovely purple and charcoal grey Kristi Smart velvet coat. There are a lot of Kristi Smart coats in Southern California, because she comes to Loscon every year, but I haven't seen too many out of the area. And the purple looks really sharp. It was the perfect thing to wear (although I still need to get a suitable shirt to go with it) because Opening Ceremonies features their Toastmaster's speech. And Armadillocon has a tradition of the Toastmaster putting an extra special effort into their speech.

Armadillocon 26's TM was KD Wentworth, who I've had the pleasure of meeting on some of my business trips to Tulsa including the first one, last December. She had contacted me and other GoHs to work out our parts, because as part of her speech we had a bit called "Fan Eye for the Mundane Guy." Most of the concom didn't know it was coming (although one of them was suspicious because he was asked to go out and get her a copy of the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" music), so it was great fun. Scott Cupp had volunteered to come to the Opening Ceremonies in a suit and sit in the front row, so KD could pick on him. KD's panel of experts included myself as in charge of fannish couture, which is why I was so glad I brought the coat.

KD and Melissa Tatum had most of the props to dress Scott with. Starting with a freshly-printed t-shirt with that new-shirt smell (a Randy Farran, I noted - it was the t-shirt from Conestoga, just a few weeks earlier), suspenders, and a button, we topped the whole thing off with a propellor beanie (a Loscon propellor cap, in fact) which I pulled out of my bag myself.

Barbara Hambly had a speaking part as did various of the other GoHs; they covered such topics as his bachelor pad's decorating scheme (Q: "Babylon 5? Next Generation?" - A: "Early Thrift Store"), the sort of food he provides, topics of conversation, and so forth.

What made the whole bit perfect for Armadillocon, I think, and perhaps why KD decided this was the thing to do, is that Armadillocon doesn't have a lot of people "dressing fannishly." Not just a lack of hall costumes, but we didn't see many (or any?) people with funny headgear or vests full of Nancy Lebovitz's calligraphic buttons. I think KD was poking fun at Armadillocon's tender spot!

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