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August 30th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

August 30th, 2004

August 30th, 2004
03:44 pm


What do you want from life? To get cable t.v. and watch it every night? There you sit, a lump
I want a cellist! Preferably a fannish cello player who's in Southern California.

But that's another story.

Anyone in Boston have a video monitor (pref. a flat screen) that I may borrow on Friday night during Noreascon, please?

Also, one of these days I want a Mac OS/X program that will do the things that IrfanView does for me. Specifically, I can open a picture to view it, and hit a simple keystroke to go to the next or previous one in alpha order in the same directory; I can delete it with a keystroke or two; I can rename it while I'm looking at it; and I can do a lossless JPEG 90-degree rotate that will preserve the original file's timestamp.

As an added bonus, I'd like it to have a simple slide show capability; fancy dissolves aren't necessary (although I'd prefer it not flash to black between pictures), but I'd like to be able to specify fractional seconds for the timing (such as 1.5 sec).

Continuing my Armadillocon report: While in Austin, Kurt Baty told me about a party at Convergence (Minneapolis) called "House of Toast." They take all the furniture out of the room, cover the walls and ceiling with aluminum foil, then put red rope lights in horizontal stripes on the walls. (So it looks like you're inside a toaster, get it?) They had a sushi chef (if I remember correctly) on one side of the room, and on the other side they served up fresh toast with your choice of a zillion different condiments (butter, margarine, vegemite, peanut butter, grape jelly, and so forth). The long lines were for the toast, not the fresh-made sushi...Sounds like I have to go to Convergence one of these days!

Not this week, though. We're just about packed for Noreascon. Some of the party stuff (Party on Friday Night: L.A.con IV/Interaction, a join 2005-2006 Worldcons party, second floor of the Sheraton in function space) is shipping via UPS, the rest of it is packed in my luggage.

As usual we're maxing out our luggage allowance. library_lynn and Maria have one packed suitcase each (with their dresses and laptops going in my garment bag and laptop bag). Maria has a carry-on bag (her backpack), library_lynn has her purse; her carryon-bag will have the rocket cookies Marina Stern has baked for us. Their other checked bag allowance will be the garment bag and a folding cart, while I have two duffles. The folding cart is handy for hauling around all the other items; we'll probably take the MBTA to where we're staying.

What's in the party boxes? Well, there's tablecloth fabrics (both sparkly shiny stuff as used at Torcon 3, and the print fabric used at Con José), there are silly signs, there are bowls and flavoring ingredients for making frosting for the rocket cookies. There are rope lights and the brain-scanning helmet. Some other things... If half of the stuff we're planning comes off, I'll be happy., Our Space Cadets half of the party at Noreascon will be sort of a dry run of some stuff we're putting together for Loscon and potentially for our "on the road" party tour.

Oh, and some ribbons. I've put a word out on the N4 concom list, and I've decided that Marty Gear would be a good person to hand out "Sunnydale Visitors Bureau" ribbons while they last. Don't know if I'll find someone suitable for "Friends of Tux" or some of the others.

marykaykare is having her party Thursday night -- perhaps I'll see some of y'all there?

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