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September 10th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

September 10th, 2004

September 10th, 2004
03:10 pm


Oh, Mount Kailas, uncover me, come, my restoration, wash my body clean
More about Armadillocon Friday night.

At the opening ceremonies, all us GoHs received a gift basket. There was a bottle of beer, a small chocolate bar (mini Nestle Crunch), a handmade notepad with an Armadillocon pin on the cover, a small plastic armadillo, a medium-sized stuffed-animal (not quite a plush toy) armadillo, two Armadillocon t-shirts, and a number of other goodies. Thanks, Armadillocon!

After the opening ceremonies was the "Meet the Pros" event. This was a mixer with a bar set up by the hotel. (They don't really have a proper bar in the coffee shop area.) I was given a bunch of drink tickets, most of which I eventually gave away... The Brobdingnagian Bards (a duo) were performing, including a song I recognized from my Gaelic Storm albums, "Johnny Jump Up." It's not original with Gaelic Storm; it may have been written in the 1940's to help a pub sell more cider. We enjoyed their music, and I roamed around snapping pictures.

I caught up with a number of people that I'd hoped to photograph for the Fan Gallery. Apart from Earl Cooley (mentioned previously), I met up with Pat Virzi and got her photo. I shot Dennis Virzi, too, just in case I needed him. I found Sherlock, who was one of the fan artists I was hoping to talk to; I never saw Brad W. Foster or Teddy Harvia, though.

Mostly I hung out in the ballroom foyer and out in the con suite. Eventually I went upstairs to the one Friday night party, just as they were closing -- it had been an E-book authors' party, hosted by two authors who had been nominated for a prize. I went upstairs, brought my laptop downstairs to the Con Suite, and worked on my slide show.

I was scheduled to do a slide show on Saturday afternoon of my favorite photos from Hazel's Picture Gallery shot at conventions and other places. I'd copied an awful lot of photos onto my computer, and downloaded software to do a seemless slideshow, but there was some editing-down that needed to be done because I only had a one-hour slot to present my slide show (and I knew it could be made tighter if we tried). We couldn't run the slide show at 1-sec per slide, and even one and a half seconds per image was too fast, so I was looking at showing photos at a 2-second rate to make it easier on the audience's eyes. But that meant whittling down the collection.

Spike Parsons was very helpful in previewing the slide show and giving me advice. (Thanks, Spike!) She and I eventually decided to split up the pictures into a couple of categories. I'd start with a short presentation of my "miscellaneous" photos including some friends and family shots and the "H-Wing" Star Wars car of Shawn's, pause for any questions, then go into a "Conventions" slide show that would not include Worldcons or Anime conventions; those were broken out into separate presentations. Also we separated out the LASFS pictures.

And I hung out in the Con Suite until late, then went to bed, and that was Friday.

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