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October 9th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

October 9th, 2004

October 9th, 2004
03:29 pm


Hot town, summer in the city. Back of my neck getting dirty and gritty.
I have pictures from Friday at Armadillocon up now. Click on Barbara Hambly's tattoos to see them.

I'm having a little trouble getting Charis Roueché's name to pop into the cross-reference properly; I've got to take another look how I handle accented characters in Hazel's Picture Gallery.

More about Armadillocon... When I go to conventions, I wear these teddy bear ears that I made for myself in 1994. I wear them for the duration of the convention, from my point of view; I usually put them on starting when I'm likely to meet someone from the convention, or sometimes immediately after checking into my room, and I don't stop wearing them until the convention is over, for me personally. Sometimes this is right after closing ceremonies, or when I drive away from the hotel; sometimes I wear them all the way home, even if I'm flying back home the next day.

This time, as soon as library_lynn and I arrived at the Austin airport I put them on, and I wore them throughout the convention weekend until after the dead dog party. This is why I don't bother removing my badge when we go off-site for dinner or other errands; it's not like I can easily pass for a mundane wearing these things, badge or no badge.

Favorite sign seen during Armadillocon: "Do Not Enter. Unauthorized users will be smoted."

One of the ladies (Judith Ward) at the convention was wearing a red hat. She told me that she has a purple suit that doesn't go.

Bouchercon leftovers: The Armadillocon crowd hosted a Bouchercon a few years ago. They had a number of Bouchercon items in their storage unit that they gave away at the con. One was a handy little badge holder, with clear pockets on both sides. One side had the convention logo imprinted on it, the other side had "USA Television Crime Friday" and a little insert in that side's clear pocket listing the crime-related shows on the USA cable channel on Friday nights. I flipped my insert over and wrote my program schedule on it, so I could find it easily. The thing had a strap to go around the neck, and a ballpoint pin that slipped into a couple of loops on the side. Nifty and handy! The badges from this convention didn't quite fit into the front pocket, though, unless you turned the badge sideways, or trimmed the edges with a pair of scissors I borrowed at Registration.

They also had a couple of different kinds of canvas bags with their Bouchercon logo on them. The big blueish purple ones had a zipper! I snarfed two of them for the Fan Gallery hardware -- we have about 400 binder clips and an equivalent number of pegboard hooks stored in them now. Thanks, Texas fandom! library_lynn snagged another big purple one and a few regular canvas bags inside, and that bag-of-bags now usually resides in the back of her car or by our front door for grocery shopping duty.

Another set of items left over from Bouchercon: the lovely full-color signs with lots of details that Sherlock drew for Registration, Art Show, and Dealers Room. Even though they have the Bouchercon logo (if you look closely!) they make for a wonderful bit of local color, I thought. I snapped pictures of one or two of them. Maybe we can find a fan artist that wants to draw or paint something fancy like that for our next big convention locally. (Maybe laconiv?)

Tomorrow I'm making shortbread for the LiveJournal monkeys. It's part of the cookiesforlj project. Wanna bake something for the people who work behind the scenes to keep LJ up and running? Join us...

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