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October 13th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

October 13th, 2004

October 13th, 2004
02:48 pm


Come on everybody, we're gonna to have a good time, yeah. Give me all the love that's in you
[Thomas and Johnna up in the balloon]The pictures from Thomas and Johnna's wedding (August 21) are online now. I'm still working on posting the reception photos from the evening, and Ariel's Bat Mitzvah in the middle of the day.

Last night I made ginger snaps for the LiveJournal monkeys. See cookiesforlj for more info on this project that I'm a small part of.

Continuing my Armadillocon 26 story: On Sunday, we went to lunch at "Fresh Choice," which is a salad bar restaurant. This meant that we could be sure that Lynn got something safe to eat, which certainly made her happy. (She eats a lot of salads, actually, because of her dietary restrictions.)

We got back in time for my last program item, the "Armadillocon 26 Slide Show." Some people thought it must be a typo, that it was a slide show of the previous year's convention; nope, these were most of the photos I'd snapped during the convention. I had about 400 photos in the slide show.

Armadillocon didn't have a closing ceremony, as such; instead, the last timeslot had only one program item scheduled, and that was a Howard Waldrop reading. He read us a story wherein the protagonist loses consciousness when he turns on a power saw, and when he comes to the world is slightly different. It was great little story (and I wish remember what its name was). He read another story after that, but I was too wiped out to give it proper attention (translation: I hadn't enough sleep and was dozing off), so I went out to finish packing up the Fan Gallery.

Chuck Siros, Dan Tolliver and Matthew Duarte had started taking down and stacking up the photos, and Lynn and I got it squared away in no time. And soon it was time to go to dinner, which was a group dinner down at "County Line Bar-B-Q." The convention had organized this dinner, which was a prepaid affair; one price covered dinner, soft drinks, dessert and tip. The con paid for the GoHs, and the other convention members paid for their tickets ahead of time, so it was just a matter of going, watching the ducks and turtles in the creek out back (which is actually part of the town's artificial lake), and having a nice dinner at the place.

Of course, barbecue is lost on Lynn, she doesn't like most barbecue sauce very much; and, as it turned out, the chicken had been marinated. Ooops! She had a salad. The rest of us enjoyed the various meats. At the end of it all, they brought us vanilla ice cream. I looked at it and thought, "hmmm..." So I asked if I could have a glass of root beer to go with it. They brought me a bottle of root beer. That won't work, I thought to myself, so I asked for an empty glass. And the waiter brought back... a glass full of ice. I don't think he understood what I was trying to do! But I dumped the ice into my half-empty iced tea glass, and I was able to make myself a root beer float at that point.

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