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October 27th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

October 27th, 2004

October 27th, 2004
06:45 pm


You went away and left me long time ago. And now you're knocking on my door. I hear you knocking
[Ariel] Finished uploading Thomas and Johnna's wedding pictures (unless they send me more) and I've just put up Ariel's Bat Mitzvah pictures. We missed the service (took to long to drive down from the winery in Temecula) but we got there for the reception. As soon as I find my blasted little notebook I'll get the captions done!

Armadillocon was over, we went to bed Sunday night confident that we had a late flight. Whoops! Phone went off first thing in the early, we didn't have a late flight out. How did I make that kind of mistake? Why in the name of all things beautiful did I put off packing the last night? Frantic tossing everything into the duffle bag etc. hoping nothing breaks, off to the airport, home...

Then the next weekend, Thomas and Johnna's wedding, and Ariel's Bat Mitzvah. The service was held in a balloon - a very small wedding. My sister Elaine and b-in-l John were to be part of the balloon party, because they'd been in on the plans ever since T. had proposed and they'd talked about running away to Vegas. Plans changed, my other b-in-l Bob was tapped to do the service, so the balloon party was Thomas and Johnna, Elaine and John, Dorothy and Bob, and two people from Johnna's side of the equation. They'd offered a spot to our folks, but mom and dad decided to stay on the ground in one of the "chase" vehicles. Then -- when Lynn, Maria, and I arrived in Temecula at the hotel the night before -- John decided to give me his spot. What a guy. Elaine, I think this one's a keeper. :) Anyhow, it was a surprise, but before the crack of dawn we were up, and off. (Well, library_lynn and Maria stayed in bed and eventually met us after we were down. But we in the wedding party were up.)

Balloon flight is easy -- well, if you don't like heights, like Johnna, you might stay in the middle of the balloon surrounded by your friends and family and not look out the side -- but it's almost completely windless. And I missed the actual point at which we left the ground, because it didn't feel like we were moving. Just looked over the side, and look at that, everyone looks like little people. The wind's pushing you and the balloon; you only feel a breeze if the wind is blowing a different way at slightly varying altitudes, i.e. pushing the big balloon above you one way and blowing past you another. And going up at dawn? That means the rising sun's in your eyes if you face that way... well, I got my usual plethora of mediocre snapshots, and one or two good ones. The service was at an altitude of about 4000 ft.

We crashed, I mean landed, not far from a dirt road; there was some kind of comm foulup with the balloon company's official chase vehicle, the driver didn't realize we were coming down at the road and instead the truck went overland and busted a something-or-other (tranmission? oil pan? Something important) under the car and got stuck. Stuck but good.

Well, we were down on the dirt road that led right back to where we'd parked. So the balloon pilot stayed with the balloon waiting for his truck, and we trudged back through the fog. As the sun had come up, so had the fog, so it was very misty - condensation all over my glasses and beading up on my beard... Elaine had worn no socks, and shoes that were chafing, so I offered her one of my socks to wear on the foot that was getting a blister... Drove back to the winery, some of the San Diego gang had brought some continental breakfast fixings. had a snack, library_lynn and Maria came up from the hotel, very pleasant, then jumped in the car for the run down to Mission Valley for the Bat Mitzvah.

More later.

Oh, and where I have been the last 2 weeks? Working feverishly - day and night - on this Big Project. Same one I went to Tulsa for. And I'll probably be in Tulsa again, before Loscon. Oh joy.

And I hope to make it to yaoicon this weekend, to promote animelosangeles. Our Artist Guest of Honor, authorcarmen has done some lovely art for our t-shirts - go over to animelosangeles and take a look...

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