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November 10th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

November 10th, 2004

November 10th, 2004
03:14 pm


Cool, cool, cool. I want to go to cool places with you. I want to take you cool places tonight.
Lee Gold at LAX Pictures from Noreascon 4 (Worldcon in Boston) are starting to go up and get captioned, including Tuesday, L.A.-Boston. Click on Lee Gold to see them.

Going to Noreascon. En route on Tuesday. We left home before the crack of dawn... uggh. But we made it to LAX just fine, and from one point of view our fannish vacation started at 7:00 am when we met other fans going the same place. (Lee and Barry Gold, in the departure lounge.)

I'd looked into the situation, and it appeared that we could get from the Boston airport to where we were staying via public transit. I'd neglected two important factors, though; I wasn't travelling alone, and I had three persons' worth of luggage to schlep around, not just my own. library_lynn and Maria gamely put up with the adventure, bless their hearts, until I admitted defeat at the Government Center T transfer station. We had the folding cart, and I could more or less move all the luggage at once, except trying to get onto the trolleys with the steps was too much. *Sigh* We switched to a taxi -- again, I had forgotten that a taxi is so much better a bargain for a group of people compared to shuttle services. Silly me...

I'd rented an apartment near the Hynes Convention Center, using the agency that Craig Miller had recommended. With five of us staying together, I thought it made more sense than trying to deal with the hotel. It had worked for us before, in Toronto. We were about as far from the action as the Marriott was. We opted for a week-long rental - Tuesday to Tuesday. We moved in, freshened up, and went out to look for dinner. We weren't surprised to start running into fans, including Jim Briggs and Sandra Childress. Sandra was on the ground early, getting Children's Services up and running (primarily so that parents helping with pre-convention set-up would have a place to park their kids), and they recommended a place right across the street from the convention center. Dinner! We're saved!

Ironically, I spent a week in Boston and never had any seafood. Not even fish and chips.

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