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November 23rd, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

November 23rd, 2004

November 23rd, 2004
02:52 pm


Five six seven eight. Come on babe, why don't we paint the town, and all that jazz.
Margaret Austin and Martin Easterbrook More about Wednesday at Noreascon, a full day of set-up. There's the equivalent of a full-sized convention on-site at the Worldcon the day before it opens. A lot of them came upstairs and passed by the Fan Gallery while I was setting the pegboard hooks. I took a picture of Shouichi Hachiya (from the Yokohama bid) for the exhibit. When the tie-wraps were found, a team of Japanese fans came up and tied the pegboard into place on the pipes. Gregg Lubic came by, he had a transferred membership waiting for him but was unable to pick up his badge yet. Gregg, Eric P. Scott, and Liz Zitzow helped me throughout the afternoon, putting up the pegboard hooks and hanging the ictures.

One of the people that stopped by was Harold Stein. He was staff for the Art Show, and I gave him a stack of orange "Silly Ribbon" ribbons to hand out. He had a blast with them -- because he was working at a fixed location throughout the convention, a lot of people were able to come upstairs to the Art Show and get themselves a ribbon for their badge. I gave him 101 ribbons (all I had) throughout the convention, and he gave them all away. He even gave me a contribution towards my expenses in printing them up, which was right nice of him. Other popular ribbons: we gave away 80 that said "Evil Smof", 126 that said "Fan Gallery" for the people in the exhibit, 107 of the ribbons that said "2nd/3rd/4th Generation Fan" in Children's Services, and 221 that said "Space Cadet" or "Space Cadette." Also 60 "Sunnydale Visitors Bureau", and Sydnie Krause had a blast with 60 "Jailbait" ribbons.

When I ran into Grant Kruger, I told him he simply must take the time to go across the street to Trader Joe's. He'd never been -- he was suitably impresssed.

I hung out at the convention center all afternoon, leisurely putting up the Fan Gallery photos, and waiting for library_lynn and Maria to report back from their city tour. It turns out that they'd had dinner by the time I finally got ahold of them, so I grazed on something or other (mostly chugs of chocolate milk from Trader Joe's) and went into the office to see how the sign shop was going. They were busy -- Bill Neville (the artist who drew the Lensman family for the con) and Pam Fremon were working away, but they eventually quit for the night sometime around midnight. I brought in my computer, plugged into the jumbo printer, and started making the rest of my photo blow-ups for the Fan Gallery.

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