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December 1st, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

December 1st, 2004

December 1st, 2004
12:12 am


Wash my pain away. Half a woman, half a shadow.
Allison at dinnerPictures from Noreascon on Thursday are up. Click on caprine to see them.

Thursday, I went back to the Hynes with the big blowup photos I'd stayed up all night printing. Gregg Lubic was there again, and took charge of the project of mounting the big (about 24" x 32") enlargements. He went off-site and got some heavy duty posterboard - it's cheaper than foamcore - and some spray adhesive; he says he knows how to work with it. Finding a well-ventilated area out of the wind and out of people's way that he could use was tricky; it turns out we can't go up on the roof of the Hynes, which might have worked well, and the courtyard of the Sheraton wasn't well suited either. He ended up going to the park across the street. It took all day, and he didn't get all of them done; instead, I got some glue sticks and the 2" wide clear tape, and worked on the rest of them. When Gregg turned up the next day, he finished the rest that way.

(I learned later, when Bobbi overhead a Hynes employee take a call about someone wanting to get on the roof, she jumped to the conclusion it had something to do with me. What, do I have a reputation for pushing the envelope now?)

caprine was due to join us on Thursday, after a day of hard traveling. By the time we heard from her, we were headed towards dinner, and she was in dire need of some protein. I met her at the convention center and walked her back to the restaurant the rest of us were at, on Newbury Street (a block away from Boylston). I gave her half of what I'd ordered, since my food had arrived by the time we got to the restaurant, and EPS joined us shortly after that. Everyone staying at the apartment was together -- a good thing, since we only had two keys to the place, and there were five of us staying there.

"First Night" at Noreascon was an overwhelming feast of activity and excitement. I think it was a good answer to the question of "what shall we do on the first night of the convention?" Their answer was to provide a carnival of delights that served, in part, as a sampling of everything the convention was going to have available for another four days. Readings, dramatic things, musical things, frivolous activities, "Pterry on Ptrial" (Or was it Terry on Trial?) and more. A lot of conventions have, on the night of their first day, a "meet the pros" mixer of some sort, with varying degrees of success. Loscon has been hosting an ice cream social on the first night, I believe every since Westercone 31 and Loscon 5 in 1978. After the ice cream social sometimes there's a show (Lux Radio Theater puts one on for the convention most years -- they're a group of fans and friends of fans) and then people drift off to the parties. Could something like N4's First Night work for a smaller con? It ultimately comes down to, how can we lure people to come back to the convention after dinner?

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