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December 15th, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

December 15th, 2004

December 15th, 2004
12:44 am


Woke up with a heavy head, and I thought about leaving town
[pnh & tnh] More about Thursday at Noreascon. (Click on the picture of pnh & tnh to recap my Thursday pictures.)

Other highlights of Thursday included bumping into pnh & tnh, and learning that they don't like the couple shot we've got in the Fan Gallery, and taking another picture or two that I hope that they like better. I'm always happy to swap out a photo for a better one; and if anyone has a better shot of Bill Rotsler, I'd definitely like to see it.

Thursday is also when Sue Ellen Colter (ex-Adkins) came to me, and asked me to take a picture of her vicious arm-eating doorknob to her hotel room. I got a shot or two -- you can just barely tell that the reason the shiny handle is discolored is because of the wisp of skin hanging off of it.

chriso had asked me to order "FRiEND OF JohnO" ribbons for her to hand out to other LiveJournal fans, many of which johno brought into this crazy scene. The ribbons have a picture of pencil (font neeper: it's the pencil from Zapf Dingbats), which isn't quite the official LJ pencil -- on this one, the eraser's been chewed off. We're a nervous fidgety bunch, aren't we... In fact, we had a number of nifty new ribbons at Noreascon, but that's a story for another day.

By Thursday evening, I'd already started running into a bunch of other Lj fans, including avt_tor, bovil, caprine, fishlifter (both of them), kproche, pmcmurray, rivka, tammylc, and zyxwvut. And a number of other Brit fans (besides Pat McMurray) - Andrew A. Adams, Margaret Austin, Martin Easterbrook, Tim Illingworth, and Sparks; if they have LJ's, I haven't been informed. (Plus Cheryl Morgan who seems to be from California, Somerset, and Australia, sometimes all at once.)

Friday morning I had some shopping to do, to get ready for the laconiv party. Two L.A. friends (Monica Eiland and Tapani Ronni) had moved to Boston a month before, and Tapani volunteered to pick me up at the T station at the end of the line and drive me to Lakota Bakery in Arlington. I wish I'd thought to take an extra five minutes to sample each type of cookie they sell; instead, I just told them to give me a dozen (or was it two dozen?) of each kind, and box 'em up while we went down the street to Trader Joe's and the local supermarket.

Update on my fanzine: Copies of A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN #1 have been mailed to almost everyone on my list that has a mailing address. If you'd like a copy, I'll need your address - e-mail it to me at the usual place, or follow-up here or something. Also, I've put up a TAFF campaign page -- any comments?

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