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December 22nd, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

December 22nd, 2004

December 22nd, 2004
01:08 am


I am the fountain of affection, I'm the instrument of joy. And to keep the good times rolling
[Jon Singer]Saturday at Noreascon pictures are up. Click on jonsinger's hat to see them.

There were many, many of the seeglasgow.com "haggis with a hat" puffballs left over after the party. The inter_action people told me I could give them away as I saw fit. I took a couple of bags (several gross of the things) to Children's Programming, and the kids went nuts with them (and called them "puff-puffs"). I told the UK folks back at their table how much the kids enjoyed them, and was given permission to take the rest of them off their hands and turn them over to the kids the next day. The kids were like cats in a catnip patch. They stuck them to their badges (sometimes completely covering the front surface), they decided on rules on how many you could take out of the area if you weren't using them on a project, they stuck them to balloons and made rocket ships and houses for them. They even dissected a bunch and separated them into their component parts -- fluff, feet, eyes, hat, and so forth. I was only on shift for an hour or two, but when I came back that evening I saw the carnage (and helped pick up some of the debris from the puff-puff frenzy).

I was working Children's Services as a favor to Sandra Childress, who had printed out a few of the big photo enlargements for the Fan Gallery exhibit. She needed someone to work the key noon-to-2pm shift so that the grownups who were usually running the show could go have a lunch break. Since for me noon is usually too early for lunch, it worked out perfectly. I was just sorry I couldn't stay over Tuesday to help babysit kids during the final day of teardown...

[Jim Murray at Dee's funeral] Saturday was also the last day for campaigning for the 2007 Worldcon. Yokohoma in 2007 had someone in a Godzilla suit, Columbus had someone in a Detritus the Troll costume, and they were both a big hit on the Concourse floor. Costumed characters always go over well; I think the only reason not having one for L.A. in 2006 didn't hurt us much is that K.C. in 2006 didn't have one either. (Jim Murray in day-glo tie-dye plaids doesn't count. You can see at left that for a funeral such as Dee's funeral last spring, he'll tone it down a notch by wearing a black shirt.) I had someone snap a shot of Godzilla towering over me, and we put it in our Christmas Newsletter.

I cruised the exhibits. I saw that the "Big Heart Award" sign from last year was still in use, errors and all; the recent years are mostly correct, but there are some old inaccuracies in it. Not actually my problem, mostly, although I do put "Big Heart" info in Fan Gallery captions if anyone in the F.G. has won one.

At the Hugo Awards, Filthy Pierre won the Big Heart and also the concom's Special Award. Cheryl Morgan won her first Hugo, Dave Langford won another one, and I snuck out of the audience to get all their Fan Gallery captions updated so that the new info would be on the printed captions in the exhibit down the hall from the auditorium's balcony before the ceremony was over. I thought since I could do it right away, and I'd have to do it sooner or later, I may as well get them printed so I wouldn't have to think about it back in California. (Plus, if any of them went by the exhibit, it would be a nice surprise.) For those who may not know, I've set up the Fan Gallery website so that any computer connected to the net that has the right font (Algerian) loaded can be used to print out the captions; I'm not tied to a particular document stored on a particular computer. So it was the work of a few moments to download the font onto one of the computers in the con office, ssh into the server, update the captions, print them out and trim them, stick pieces of tape to them, carry them back upstairs, replace the captions and get back into my seat. Well, maybe more than few moments, I missed the whole BDP presentation, but I was there for the end of the ceremony.

I learned that Lord Of The Rings had swept the BDP's, with the third movie winning Long Form (third year in a row), and "Gollum's Acceptance Speech" winning short form. Craig Miller accepted on behalf of Gollum, and Norman Cates (DUFF delegate) accepted on behalf of the movie. (He'd done all the ears and noses for the elves in the movie. In fact, pretty much every science fiction fan in New Zealand had some job in the Lord Of The Rings crew.) [edited]

This year was the first year I crashed the Hugo Losers' party; actually, I had a little invite, because Vincent and Steve had given some of us from the laconiv contingent passes to the affair. And it was a source of ideas for what next year's party would be like; for starters, Christian vowed that it would be held in a ballroom in function space, not in a suite on the top floor. Less wear and tear on the elevators, get people in there sooner, and get a bigger place than the (admittedly spacious) suites on the top of the hotel.

[Hugo Loser's Party] The Brits had decorated the room in shades of white. They had blown up white balloons to fill the ceiling (remember their helium tank from the night before?), they had draped sheets over everything (such as the televisions), and had a slide projector displaying quotes on the ceiling one at a time. They also, when they'd come back to the ballroom to collect their stuff, found one of our white monster tablecloths with the white moons and stars, assumed that it was meant for them to use, and put it to good use on their main buffet table. You can see Charlie Brown grazing the table in my picture at left; click on it to get a better look at the tablecloth. It really fit well with their decorating scheme, and I was delighted by the serendipitous result of accidentally leaving it behind! (It had been damp and I'd left it out to dry and forgotten it.)

Again, the Brits naturally gravitated to the party their Worldcon was running -- but in this case they were put to work. For example, Sparks, who was just a fan hanging out at the Future Worldcon Party the night before was pulling bartender duty at this party.

[Christopher Hatten] Christopher Hatten was the roving waiter, and he was stylish in his black shorts and the tips that admirers had been stuffing into his waistband as the evening progressed. By the end of the evening, he'd been awarded a "Pretty Boy" ribbon...

I ran into friendly Canadian fan Kirstin Morrell again -- I'd met her in Calgary, seen her last year at Torcon 3, and I imagine I'll see her again at the Westercon in Calgary next summer.

I soon left that party, and went to see if anything was doing at the Baen party. On the way there, I ran into Naomi Fisher, and snapped my last pictures of her pregnant with her first child. I also bumped into Randy Cleary and Julie Wall -- is there some Baen-Southern Fandom connection I'm not fully aware of? I made it downstairs to the Arisia party and the remains of the Yokohama, Columbus, Chicago and Kansas City bid parties. The Chicago party was somewhat disappointing -- they were bidding with a hot dog theme, but hadn't served any hot dogs at their party. Hello? (Note to self: avoid food themes that are difficult to pull off in a minimal-corkage environment.)

I also ran into Shouichi Hachiya, one of the diehard Yokohama bidders, and snapped another shot of him; we're going to pick one of them for the Fan Gallery. On Thursday I'd run into zyxwvut and he'd given me money for eric_in_elevatr ribbons. I ran into him again that night; he and a number of other fans including Israel Peskowitz and Vincent "Surge of Power" Roth posed for pictures holding the Lord Of The Rings Hugo. (The one Norman Cates was carrying around.) It was a natural fan-magnet...

Other LJ people I saw on Saturday: figmo, gerisullivan. And other LJ handles not previously mentioned in my reports: colin_harris and jamesb (again, thanks to the amazing flick who apparently knows everybody on LJ in the UK, just as johno seems to know everyone on LJ over here). Additional Brits and other Euro fans I saw on Saturday: Robbie Bourget (well, she's actually Canadian, but she now resides over there), Ewan Chrystal, Marica Illingworth, Peter Morwood, Thomas Recktenwald.

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