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December 31st, 2004 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

December 31st, 2004

December 31st, 2004
03:00 am


Aaah, oh, aah, ooh. Dressed in my gown of too virulent blue-oo-oo-oo. I play the pitiful damsel
Joyce Scrivner and the Fan GalleryPictures from Noreascon on Monday are up. Click on Joyce Scrivner and the Fan Gallery shipping cases to see them.

Monday. That last day -- a full day if you stay for the dead dogging and/or teardown -- but there's only so many hours until the whole thing brigadoons away for another 11 months. We couldn't keep it going for weeks at a time even if we wanted to, you can't sustain that kind of energy that long, but while it's going on it shines brightly... So Monday is sort of like watching the candle burn when it's down to its last inch. It's just as bright as when it was taller, but the end is coming and you can see it loom.

Well, library_lynn dragged me off to the Dealer's Room after jamesb came to relieve me of my Children's Services desk shift. We browsed, I shot a bunch of the dealers... but didn't get through more than about half of the room before having to leave for some reason. (And I don't remember the reason, but it probably had to do with making sure our laconiv party stuff made it home safely.) So I have an incomplete survey of the dealers... I ran into Zale, and a bunch of the KC folks, and southerners such as Uncle Timmy, and J.A. Stelnicki from the BArea with the airbrushed silk ties. And I took some shots of the Mended Drum including some of the handbills posted on the walls, and snuck into the art show after they'd taken down the art to shoot the standard East Coast art show fixtures they used. (Got yelled at, too; I'd asked the wrong person for permission. Oops!)

[Dave Cantor] Our Fan Gallery picture of Dave Cantor had gone missing, either to or from Con Jose, and so I caught up with Dave and got a fresh shot or two. Bruce had put him in the exhibit, so I wanted to reinstate him as soon as I caught up with him... glad it worked out. We ended up with a red background, because there was a red wall where I shot him, which actually I think will make for a nice spot of color in the exhibit overall.

We want a better picture of Bill Rotsler for the exhibit. Anyone got one? (Remind me to ask Len Wein if I see him Saturday.)

Read more about Closing Ceremonies, teardown, the Old Farts, and the dead dog partyCollapse )

And will I be at Worldcon next year? I'd like to be. I'd originally hoped to sneak out to Noreascon on the cheap, as it were; but by the end of it all, it had mushroomed into a weeklong apartment rental, three airfares for me and my family, and a bit more cash than I'd hoped to spend. So I don't have the cash in the bank to go to inter_action, although I'd be delighted to attend; that, too, entered into my decision to stand for TAFF. If fandom sends me to Worldcon, I'd be able to set up the Fan Gallery (the exhibit's going, regardless of whether I do), I'd add a whole 'nother chunk of fandom to my ongoing collection of photos (which, without my realizing it, has turned into another fanhistory resource), I'd meet an awful lot of fun people, and I could do my bit for fandom by pubbing a trip report.

That last part has become a particular interest for me: every trip report that gets published by a recognized international fan fund earns that fan fund a $500 bonus from SCIFI, Inc., and I want to be one of the people that gets SCIFI to cough up the dough. You'd think that with three or four international fan funds (TAFF, DUFF, GUFF, FFANZ - I'm not including NoFF here yet) that SCIFI would be paying out a thousand or two thousand dollars a year as the trip reports pile up, but it hasn't worked out that way. I think the published trip report tradition has been so weakened over the years that some people aren't really sure what constitutes a Trip Report -- does my write-up here on LJ the past few entries count? (No.) Does three or four articles published as a series in CHUNGA count, as Randy Byers is doing? (Well... not if they haven't sent them into SCIFI, but if they do, would it count? I'm not on the SCIFI board, so I don't have a say in the matter.)

[Alice Lawson and James Bacon] I believe a "Trip Report", as opposed to a simple conrep in a fanzine, is a one-shot fanzine; it might be compiled from installments published serially, but the Trip Report is a stand-alone fanzine with a cover, a table of contents, and some substance to it. It should have some outside contributions besides the delegate(s) such as art or photos. (I'm referring to Len and June Moffatt's trip report, THE MOFFATT HOUSE ABROAD, from their 1973 TAFF trip while I'm thinking of all this.) It should probably track the complete trip from departure to return; it should definitely follow the delegate(s) before/after the convention, as they visit other fans and fan hotspots in the hosting country. jamesb promised a trip report that would include articles contributed by others; I think this is a cool idea, but I'm curious as to how it's working out in practice. I missed the deadline for it, because I learned about it late; if I'd decided to contribute something, what would I write about? How nifty the TAFF guy is? (Seems a bit much.) How the convention went that he happened to be at, from my point of view (which only intersected his two or three times)? (Seems like it's not enough.) So I'm really curious to hear about that.

I've heard that a lot of fan fund winners get tied up with the details of adminstration shortly after their trip, and lose all their momentum because they've got paperwork to do. (Even with the previous year's winner doing most of the work, the recent delegate still has to process the votes and donations that come into his or her side of the sea, and start ramping up the donation/auction circuit...) I suspect that another way that a busy fanzine publisher-delegate can have the trip report slip through the tracks is because they're busy getting their regular fanzine out on schedule, and again there's no time for the trip report (and a loss of momentum). That's why I applaud what Randy Byers is doing; he's part of the CHUNGA team, and is serializing his report there, with the result (I hope) that after he's written it all, it'll just be a matter of reconstituting the individual parts into a fanzine similar to, but different from, another ish of CHUNGA.

I've decided that my approach, should I win, is to continue doing what I've started doing: I'm pubbing A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN with my own con reports, and other personal items, and if they send me away for TAFF then when I get back I'll continue working on putting together a fanzine with the tales of my travels, only this one would be a one-shot with a different name. Then after that gets out and mailed, I'd revert to putting out A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN. I think this plan will work; you can tell it's working so far next February, when I report here how A BEAR WENT OVER THE MOUNTAIN #2 is coming along. Watch this space!

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