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January 17th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

January 17th, 2008

January 17th, 2008
03:30 pm


I make my living off the evening news. Just give me something, something I can use. People love...
So here's the news. I took some pictures when a guy (I'll call him J.) brought a woman to dinner, many years ago. I take pictures of everyone. This one's a bit washed out, because of the flash, and she doesn't have makeup on, so there's not a lot of color in her face. Pretty girl, you can tell even so, but not a flattering photo. Good enough for Hazel's Picture Gallery, mind you, because our standards for snapshots are fairly low, but not something you'd blow up for signing 8x10s of.

Then years later, she may or may not be married to someone who may or may not be dating a celebrity. Anyone Googling her name finds my website. Good grief. Us magazine, Star magazine, some Brit I don't know who he writes for, and a blogger have all been contacting me through the website, wanting to use my photo.

Okay, it's my photo, a casual shot taken at dinner, legally I own the rights to it. But morally? Not unless I hear from her saying it's okay, and if so we'll split whatever money we can get for it.

Yeesh. I've removed the large-format JPEGs, and I've made the little thumbnail on the page even smaller. I give it two months, max, before the whole thing blows over and they go find some other peripherally-involved innocent bystander to focus on.

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