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February 20th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

February 20th, 2008

February 20th, 2008
12:48 am


...She'll tell you somewhere there's a rich millionaire who is calling again about eight.
Joyce and Hoop brought me a Darth Vader teddy bear cell phone charm from Tokyo. They gave it to me so I could wear it at the convention (Animé Los Angeles), and I got two conventions' use out of it. It broke off while I was on the plane home from SFO. Boo-hoo.

The convention I just got back from was Animation On Display, fka AOD/AODSF, fka Anime Overdose. Last year they were one day (my birthday) and they had 782 people. Branden, one of the directors, told me that they were surprised that they didn't have a huge drop going to a one-day convention, and that they had about the same number of people this year. The Dealers Room foot traffic was pretty slow. I expected more word-of-mouth to build about our free water and granola bars, and cookies and ribbons ("the first one's free").

They were two days this year -- we were there Saturday, and until 1 o'clock Sunday. Their badges didn't have our names on them. Vic Mignogna and Marv Wolfman had identical badges: they both just said GUEST OF HONOR. I knew Vic was going to be there. I gave him the TEXAS ribbon for his badge that he never got at animelosangeles, and also handed him a pound of Chile-Lime Cashews and a tub of Chocolate Raspberry sticks, just in case they weren't feeding him properly. Michele (Vic's GF) was there, she flew up from L.A. -- she's changed her hair color, she's blonde now.

fairegoddess joined me for the weekend, and we bumped into Marv at breakfast. We also saw Mark Poliner at the hotel! He was in town for Beerpalooza, not Animation on Display, though.

Our badges had EXHIBITOR where you'd expect to find a name. Most people at the convention were named ATTENDEE or SATURDAY ONLY. Note to self: if I ever go back, I'd rather be in Artists' Alley than in the Dealers Room.

Here is their program grid for their convention. (Let me know if the link stops working.) There was an Opening Ceremonies, but no Closing Ceremonies -- the last item Sunday night was due to end at 10 o'clock.

The link above goes to a PDF that duplicates two pages from their little program book. The program book didn't have a committee roster in it. Vic had three things on Saturday, and one panel Sunday at 6pm. No autograph sessions listed for any of the Guests of Honor. (Of which there were many.) The Black Crystals, a band that appeared at our convention, all had badges that said their name was GUEST OF HONOR too. We gave them MUSICIAN ribbons to add to that.

I flew back to LAX Sunday, and Lindsay came with me for our quick unofficial hotel walk-through of Gallifrey One's hotel, which we'll be using more of ourselves. We'll have an official walk-through sometime later in the year, and we'll also have some committee meetings there. The first one has not yet been scheduled.

(In other California anime convention news, Ani-Magic has announced this year's date: 2008-10-18, at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds.)

(EDIT: Ani-Magic will now be two days Saturday and Sunday 2008-10-18/19.)

Picking up the Animé Los Angeles narrative for a moment... After the convention we loaded the trucks in the rain, Monday took stuff to the new storage place, that night I drove to San Luis Obispo, while in SLO I picked up a Guy Mitchell triple-CD, hence the song I've been running. Got home, was sick, got better, got sick again, now I'm fine. How are you?

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