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February 25th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

February 25th, 2008

February 25th, 2008
12:45 pm


Put another candle on my birthday cake. We're gonna bake a birthday cake...

Hazel's Picture Gallery Birthday Party: see below. EDIT: will be in Handlery Hotel Room 123, Saturday Night 2008-03-01.

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Hazel's Picture Gallery 10th Birthday Party

ConDor 15 is this coming weekend, Leap Weekend. On Saturday, 2008-03-01, I'm going to have a 10th Birthday Party for the website! Come on down. Way down, it'll be at the Handlery Hotel in San Diego, on Hotel Circle in Mission Valley, not far from the Town & Country hotel where Condor 5 was held. Hazel's Picture Gallery was started to host the pictures I took at ConDor 5.

We'll have birthday cake and fruit punch, suitable for a 10-year-old website's tastes. Although in Internet terms, 10 years is about three generations, so we'll have some treats suitable for a mature website as well. Come on by and have a bourbon ball! It only has a little whiskey in it... This is an open party. If you're within sight of my voice, or even if you're not, you are welcome.

In its first decade, the Picture Gallery has been through a lot, as has my digital picture-taking...Collapse )

Parking at the Handlery is $2. Party will open by 9 o'clock, or as soon as the Masquerade ends. We'll post a room number as soon as I have it. If you don't see a new message on Friday or Saturday after I check in, come back to this post. I'll either edit it in, or library_lynn or someone will post a follow-up message.

*P.S. ConDor 5, ten ConDors ago, was in 1997. Therefore, since ConDor is the Picture Gallery's birthday, Condor 15 is its tenth birthday. Much the same way that the Jesch twins, born on Leap Day, only have a birthday every four years, our website has also skipped a birthday because ConDor skipped a year.

P.P.S. This is a party for the website's birthday, not mine. Mine's six months away: today happens to be my half-birthday.

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06:59 pm


...Put another candle on my birthday cake. I'm another year old today. I'm going to have a party

(I'm going to switch from talking about Hazel's Picture Gallery's birthday plans, to talking about the photos I've been posted this winter. Any suggestions for a song to use as my theme for my winter recap?)

Someone. The new master bedroom closet will have a cupboard above as well. I've been posting photos under the category "Remodeling Monster -- The Old Homestead" to show the progress in my parents' house in Costa Mesa, starting in December 2007 and picking up again in January 2008. The work has been going on for a year. The house was basically taken down to the framing. New stove. All the drywall was replaced, the ceilings and floors and roof redone, new plumbing and appliances, and so forth. It's been an interesting project, because this is the house I grew up in -- it's still the same house, but it's completely different now. I refer to it as the ''Old House'' and the ''New House,'' even though it's the same house, because the changes are so dramatic.Collapse )

The dining table and chairs have all been completely assembled. Lynn Baden and Jocelyn Baden at the dining table. This needs to be tackled next. There are papers and letters that are in a ''reading material'' pile, the daily meds and tissues, a place setting, some fragile antique dishes at the far end, plus random receipts and other papers. Lynn and I took Mom shopping for a dining room table on Christmas Eve, and when the dining room was ready for the table I went with Mom and Dad to pick it up along with the chairs. These two photos were taken nine days apart. You can see that it's very handy having a big open flat surface that you don't use much.

If everything had been picked out and ordered early, there would be curtains or blinds on the windows. Or if they weren't moved in yet, it wouldn't make any difference, not having them. Well, it's a good idea to have a little privacy, so for the time being I've installed some small and medium 3M "Command" sticky hooks on the walls of Dad's office.

From the outside, the wall scrolls light up nicely. And on those hooks, we can hang some wall scrolls. The ones with the string can drape over the small hooks. If there's no string on top, the ends of the top rod rest on the medium sized hooks. This means that at night, his room makes it look like he's the hippest grandpa on the block. Bonus points to anyone who can identify the characters on the scrolls! Here's the view from inside, so you can see the art better on three of them. The hooks are removable, so when it's time to put up proper window treatments we won't have any marks on the walls.

Buying lamps and nightlights, and putting up wall scrolls, is a small part of it. They're full grown adults, they can think of things that they need, but they've got some long-ingrained habits that need to change. I have similar habits -- where do you think I learned them? -- but I want them to get in the habit of thinking through ''what will I do with this when I'm done with it? Where will I put it before I finish with it?''Collapse )

Bookcase in Dad's office. Books on the desk. Also newspapers, but they are today's paper. The other thing that I want them thinking about is, is there a way to prevent a problem or a mess? Dad's got a black desk, and he likes black licorice. I think I want to suggest a small light-colored dish to keep them in -- keeping the licorice in the original bag means they tend to fall out and around the bag on the desk, and then they're invisible. Or get him a tablecloth? And if they fall on the floor, they're invisible there and they might get trod on. You can't see them in this shot, but when I took this picture I discovered a piece on the floor in front of the bookcase and another one or two on the desk. (Can you see something in this photo that I'm hoping has changed by the time I see the room next?)

So I'll stop by, and drop off a few things they left at our house, and give them a box of snack-sized zip plastic bags. And go home, and try to get in some solid work on my own house.

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