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February 26th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

February 26th, 2008

February 26th, 2008
02:59 am


Over the ground lies a mantle of white, a heaven of diamonds shine down through the night...

Lynn Baden and Maria Rodriguez. Continuing my winter recap... I've talked about the animelosangeles meetings, and the convention, so I'll avoid repeating myself. Christmas this year was truncated. missmea took the opportunity to spend Xmas exactly as she wished, which in this case means we didn't see her Christmas Day but we saw the next, on Boxing Day, so we just made that our family Christmas.

The senior Baden family tradition, of waiting until we can all get together, has come to an end, because there's a new generation now.Collapse )

But meanwhile, back to our nephew Nicolas. His birthday's Groundhog Day, and Thomas and Johnna announced that we'd be welcome to come to Wisconsin and celebrate that.Collapse )

The birthday party was nicely paced. No overwhelming deluge of gifts -- open one up, play with it, and when he starts to get bored bring out another one. The books and CDs we bought to be his "Christmas present" were opened, including a Boynton counting book about hippos. We learned that there's a couple of Boynton sing-along books/CDs that they have and love. Nicolas Wilson Baden.

Elaine Baden and Chaz Boston Baden.

The next day we toured Thomas's office. Thomas works for a large unnamed software company nearby that has a campus of buildings, all of them utterly infested with art and architecture. It took us two hours to go through it all, and I took about 450 photos there.Collapse )

Thomas has acclimated to the local weather by now. So you remember the story about the Country Mouse and the City Mouse? (Richard Scarry has it in one of the big books.) I've decided that I'm definitely a California Mouse and my brother has turned into a Wisconsin Mouse. Walking around in shirtsleeves while we're in our parkas... yeesh.

Wisconsin Cheddar Mac, at the Great Dane Pub. Lynn has a salad. Anyhow, we'd had enough when we tried to go to dinner on the last night. We thought we'd try one of the restaurants "within walking distance" -- a block away, just past the other end of the parking lot with the close restaurant (Great Dane Pub). No chance. We didn't get a hundred yards before Lynn slipped and fell on her tailbone on the icy sidewalk. We packed it in, and I had Cheddar Mac again which was delicious. Sharp cheddar, a little bit of beer..

Other highlights of our trip included going to the University of Wisconsin, which is where the cows go to school. No joke: they have a dairy science program, so they've got cows as well as students. They started selling ice cream on campus in the '20s as part of that program, and they still sell ice cream today. Glass exhibit from Racine Art Museum on display at Madison airport. We had some after Lynn went to the Wisconsin Historical Society, which is on campus.

And on the way out of town, we saw some glass art on display at the airport, on loan from the Racine Art Museum. We'll be back in town in May for Wiscon, and I'm looking forward to seeing the place during civilized weather!

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