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March 17th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

March 17th, 2008

March 17th, 2008
05:08 pm


...we'll say "no man, but you can do the job when you're in town." Later on we'll conspire...

Caught up to where I started this winter recap. Winter's almost over now, but I'm almost up to current events. ConDor 15. Or ConDor XV, if you prefer. (ConDor the Fifteenth.) ConDor 5 is where I started taking pictures with my first digital camera.Collapse )

ConDor 15 is ten ConDors after ConDor 5, which was in 1997. ConDor skipped a year. May 2001: Anastasia Hunter and her father. For a while there was a running joke that the reason ConDor skipped 2001 is because most of ConDor fandom was at Anastasia Hunter's wedding (19-May-2001) but this became less funny when Anastasia and Charles split up.

So ConDor 5 is essentially the birthdate of Hazel's Picture Gallery. There are some photos older than 1997, because I've added some other photos taken with other cameras to the collection, but that's where the collection started.

ConDor 1997: Dr. K.A. Boom (James Hay) Last year, as ConDor 14 approached, I realized that Hazel's Picture Gallery had been around for ten years old. We really ought to have a birthday party for it... but the logical place for that would have been at ConDor, and I didn't think about it early enough. So I decided that if ConDor was the site's birthdate, then ConDor 14 was only the 9th birthday although the tenth anniversary. This meant that this year, eleven years after the beginning of my digital photos, we could celebrate the tenth birthday in style. And as an added bonus, the convention was on Leap Weekend! It could only have been more perfect if the 29th of February had been on a Saturday instead of Friday. (People born on Leap Day get a year older every year, but their birthday only comes around every four years. In school I knew identical twins born on that date -- talk about winning the random event jackpot!)

Well, even with a year to think about it, the party was kind of slapped together at the last minute.Collapse )

Condor 2008: The Mini Moon Pies, and my laptop showing the photos taken today. I mentioned the minimalist decorations. (I'm not very good at decorations. Mind, if it's an anime-themed party that I can bring my wall scrolls to, I can cover all the walls...) I did set up my laptop with my ConDor XV photos-so-far, including ones taken earlier during the party. That got some people sitting and watching the slide show.

There's one tactical mistake I regret. selinawoman had come down to join me -- I had an extra bed, and neither library_lynn, missmea nor ala_mokita were at the convention. Oh, inviting her wasn't a mistake, I was glad for the company and she needed to get out of the house. Setting up the party was simple and not difficult at all, but I should have involved Selina and given her some of the tasks to do. Idle hands and all that. And, especially, I should have called her cell phone when the party started winding down and I was cleaning up by myself. The party ran past midnight, which is about the usual for ConDor.

Setting up the party was a snap -- I had everything ready to go in maybe fifteen minutes, with the crockpots going and everything ready to open the doors when I got back from the Masquerade -- but cleaning up and packing up is always slower. I had assumed she was off having fun somewhere and didn't want to interrupt, but it did take a long time. And eventually after I'd decided she'd come back to the room eventually, and turned out the lights, I got a call from the front desk: Selina had forgotten her key, and could we issue her one?

My own fault, not hers at all; if I'd had the thought to make one simple cell phone call, she wouldn't have been locked out (who expects to be locked out of a room that's having a party?) and I would have packed the car sooner and gotten to bed earlier.

What leftovers did I take home? About half of the Mini Moon pies, a lot of the Goldfish. I'd picked up Ferrara Pan-made Sour Gummi Worms, instead of the usual Trolli -- a larger bag (4.5 lbs vs. the 3 lb. box) for a lower price made sense to me. (The Smart and Final house brand sour gummy worms don't have the same quality.) So I expected to have plenty left over, and I gave most of them to justeps. Not much else was left!

When I had everything packed up, Cathy wandered over from next door.Collapse )

Condor 2008: Edward Hooper and Lisa Gochnauer. Previously I've mentioned the thriving anime fandom community in San Diego/San Diego County.Collapse )

So. Where am I going with all this? I had a nice time at ConDor. Lynn didn't make it because she was teaching a class, Christian was taking a class, and missmea was home doing her homework, but Selina brightened up the weekend, and both my parents were able to attend (having missed last year due to mom's heart surgery).

But I didn't go flat out taking ''everyone's picture.'' I shot about 300 photos...Collapse )

Summary? I could have had more fun if I'd had more sleep. But we knew that already. And even for San Diego conventions, I should probably take Friday as a vacation day instead of "driving down Friday after work," so I can start the con better rested.

Oh, and why was I so late getting on the road Friday night? Ah, that's another story...

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