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March 19th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

March 19th, 2008

March 19th, 2008
12:18 am


...as we dream by the fire, to face unafraid the plans that we made...

More winter wrap-up. I swear I'll finish this before spring. Smart & Final ''Food - Supplies - Business - Home.'' 2804 Midway, off the end of the I-8 on Rosecrans and left (south) on Midway. I mentioned that I was late getting on the road to ConDor Friday night, 2008-02-29. Well, there was a good reason for that. Oh, shopping was only part of that. In my previous post, I mentioned what I served at the party, and I didn't buy all of that Friday. The Macaroni and Cheese, and the frozen cake, were purchased Saturday morning in San Diego (at Smart & Final).

Friday after work, I picked up a few things and headed home. library_lynn and missmea were there, washing all of Maria's clothes. Apparently Maria's kittens Kaylee and River turned out not to both be girls after all, and Mr. Kaylee has marked just about everything Maria wears. So thorough washing (and re-washing) with vinegar was called for.

The cat smell didn't bother Maria as much as it did Lynn, because (a) Maria was used to it by now, living in the apartment with it, and (b) Lynn's nose is more sensitive. Well, it turns out mine is more sensitive than either of theirs. I asked that they leave the side door of the garage open, as long as there was going to be piles of smelly clothing in the baskets there. It took about two weeks for us to go through all the clothes she left here that night and for the garage to air out. I came home and found Maria's shoes in the living room.

And it turns out that the shoes were suspect, too. Maria put them all outside, to air out a bit while we went and had dinner. Chaz Boston Baden. Here's a picture Lynn took of me at Chili's waiting for our table, using the "night picture" option. It turned out better than the ones I took using the same feature. Probably because I didn't keep the camera steady after the flash fired. What the feature does is take an exposure longer than the flash time. So the foreground subject is lit up, and you still get some detail in the night behind the person. Not a bad feature for something automatic and with no tripod. I must remember to keep still and not rush to take the next shot.

We ate. We came home. And then came the challenge. Maria knew that some of her shoes smelled, and they'd need to be checked... by someone with a sensitive nose...

Let's draw a veil over the next half hour, shall we? Suffice to say that some shoes smell of leather, and some smell of cat, and some smell of foot. A few of the "cat" shoes were horrible, and a few others I thought might be redeemable with appropriate cleaning. I had accidentally left my camera behind at the restaurant, so there are no pictures of Chaz smelling every shoe owned by the daughter of my heart.

Then there was running to the restaurant, and some other family stuff... And that's why I was so late getting to San Diego that night. Too many shoes.

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01:24 pm


...walking in a winter wonderland. In the meadow we can build a snowman...

Michelle Pincus. More winter wrap-up. I'll write up our animelosangeles meeting tomorrow. What else. After ConDor, I went to Coral Cafe, as I do most Thursday nights, and selinawoman, ala_mokita, and Michelle Pincus (right) went through the cast-off clothing that missmea, library_lynn and my father were sending away. I need to take them to the thrift store, what's left that is. (The clothes, not the people.)

Boxes in the garage. The oriental rugs need to come in the house, and they need to be out of the way so I can get around to that side. I've been spending some time at The Old Homestead, that is, my parents' house, where I grew up in Costa Mesa. They've had the same California address, zip code, phone number, and area code, for over forty years. How's that for stability? Mom insisted that there was a box in the garage with their linens -- especially towels -- so I went over there, again and again, to sort and straighten out the boxes to find them. And we talk about quilts.Collapse )

Jocelyn Baden, Wil Baden, and the hall carpet. While I was there, we unrolled the runner carpet and put it in place in the hall (right). They would have bought a longer one at the time, but they couldn't justify $1900 on a hall carpet... I know the feeling. We have some beautiful small rugs that Maria brought back from her India/Nepal trip, all we could afford.

Eventually, I'd cleared the aisles, so it's now (barely) possible to reach just about every box in the garage. And in doing so, I found the fabric for my shirts that I bought three years ago. Chaz Boston Baden. Some of the fabric was made into shirts by Maria, some of it by mom, and some of it sits and waits. We also found the buttons that Kim Bergdahl gave me for my "chili pepper" shirt (left). Some of the lengths of fabric are long enough for Lynn and I to each get shirts out of, and matching headband(s). Some prints I picked up in two colors, so Lynn and I can match but not be twinsies. Anyhow, it's all safe and sound, and I know where in the garage to find them. And while I was out there, I found all the sheets and towels -- I have checked every possible box, so I know it's all of them.

Coincidentally, that next weekend was when tenkuudragon was looking for a shopping buddy to go with her into the L.A. Fabric District. Well, I had something I wanted to find...Collapse )

I brought home enough of each fabrics I purchased that day so that shirts could be made for Lynn too. Although some may not be suitable for her, as it turns out. (The pale greenish linen, not so much.) I'm looking for someone who'll take a commission to make me shirts. 2XL-Tall, more specific size info available on request; button-up, two pockets. Reinforced corners on the pockets because I use them a lot. Big and roomy. Two or three matching headbands to go with it. Or ten headbands, if we set them aside for my animelosangeles Minions so they can match me that day. Buttons should be sturdy flat ones, because my dry cleaner abuses them something fierce. Cheap plastic ones are fine. And a bunch of extra ones sewn into the inside of the shirt, to replace the ones that break ("losies"). I now know I need to walk a block down 8th past Michael Levine's, to get over to Mike's.Collapse )

Our last stop was Michael Levine. Stephanie Duchin has found some pink ''LOVE'' fabric that she likes, which she'll use for a friend. At Michael Levine, Stephanie found some pink "LOVE" fabric (right). In fact, she found everything on her list that day, and a bit extra. She has a friend who "writes Love on her sleeve" and this fabric will be used to line the sleeves of a shirt for her.

Annie Mitschek (from Costumers Guild West) was there, and we chatted a bit. And we ran into Annie Mitschek! (left) We talked about the Costumers Guild West photo project she wants. It turns out she may have one of the other directors with a camera get started on it. I told her that in any event, she needs to come up with a complete list of everyone she needs photos of (basically, the CGW board and the Costume College concom) so that she'll know when they have all the photos for the display she wants to build.

I took home some of this purple waterfall fabric. Not pictured: a blue water/flower print that I also bought. Oh, and I found lots of fabric I liked at Michael Levine. It was hard to limit myself to just a few prints. One of the ones I liked enough to bring home was this purple waterfall scene (right). This Robert Kaufman sandal fabric looked great, but I couldn't buy everything.

Another great one was this Japanese geta sandal print in red (left). Main reason I didn't snag that one is because I already had a red print, but it was a near thing.

Stephanie and I paid for our purchases, paid for our parking (we'd been parked there three hours, and they only validated for two of them), and left downtown to find something to eat. We had dinner/late lunch at Golden China in Culver City, not far from her old apartment. Then I took her home, she went to a launch party she needed to attend for work, and I headed home myself.

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07:19 pm


...and pretend that he's a circus clown. We'll have lots of fun with Mister Snowman

Christian McGuire, waiting in the lobby. Christian is Vice Chair. Photos now online:
Alex's Picture Gallery: Anime Los Angeles 4 part 712: Friday (04-Jan-2008) et seq.
Maria sorting the cupboards (12-Mar-2008)
Anime Los Angeles 5 meetings part 1: Storage Unit (15-Mar-2008)
Anime Los Angeles 5 meetings part 2: Exec Meeting (15-Mar-2008) et seq.
Anime Los Angeles 5 meetings part 6: General Meeting (16-Mar-2008) et seq.
The photo of ala_mokita is from Saturday.

Alex Bellanger gave a disc full of 1200 photos that he'd taken at animelosangeles. It's taken a while for the disc to make it from him to me, but I've finally put those photos online too.

I'm finally caught up on my winter writing!

Last weekend, I went to the hotel. We had two Animé Los Angeles meeting scheduled -- an Exec meeting (Division level and up) on Saturday and a general meeting on Sunday. Exec meetings are hard to schedule, because our Events Division head lives up in NorCal and runs a FanimeCon department. (There are one or two more weekends free between now and the week after that convention.)

Inside. You can see we haven't filled it up yet. Benches, folding carts, beanbag chairs, and other materials for the convention. On the way there, I stopped at the storage unit (left) to drop off the Costume Repair Station kit, and to pull the 2008 Lost and Found bin out of there.Collapse )

LAX Marriott, exterior. So I finished up at the storage place, and headed over to the hotel (right). Our contract with the hotel calls for them to provide space for four meetings a year, with refreshments. (Somebody dropped the ball on the refreshments, but they did have water for us.) That meeting was Sunday. Saturday, we'd arranged for all of the Exec to have rooms for the night, and an Exec meeting that night in Latitude 33 (the restaurant).Collapse )

Map assignments. Subject to change, but this is where we left off. So things we learned about the way we'll be using the hotel (left): The Dealers Room will have 34 spaces...Collapse )

Andrew Vo (obscured), someone at wall, Sarah Goldberg taking notes, Jose Zamora, somebody, someone else in green, Kris Bauer, Elayne Pelz with big white and red cup, Heide Nichols, Geoff, Jeanne Goldfein and Lindsay Tallman. We had our general meeting Sunday morning (right). We had about two good hours of meeting, mostly a matter of letting the Divisions explain what Departments report to them, interesting news about their Divisions, and where they're looking to staff up. Followed by an hour or so of the all-important small breakout meetings, and inter-departmental communication. Next time I'd like a chance to have the Division heads practice their bits, so the rest of the Exec can give tips like "be sure to mention this, too." ala_mokita ran the meeting once I'd said my bit at the beginning, and he gave the meeting a grade of B+. midnight_rocket said that she really thought having it in a proper meeting room with tables and chairs helped keep things on track and more professionally-behaved, and I agree. I'm glad we've outgrown The Tower's living room!

Next time I'd like to have a meal incorporated into the schedule...Collapse )

Melissa De Mello, Evan James, Sarah Goldberg. Sarah expressed interest in my red/white "Minnie Mouse" polka-dot headband. She wore it home in her hair as a bow. We agreed that the fabric wasn't really good enough for a shirt, but it was fine for a hair bow.

And then it was time to go. It was sunset, so the pair heading northwest could watch the sun go down but hopefully it wouldn't be too bright to drive. I took one more photo (left) and got in my car to limp on home. I made it to the 91/110 junction, pulled over for half an hour, then continued the rest of the way home.

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