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March 26th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

March 26th, 2008

March 26th, 2008
12:39 am


Who's peekin' out from under a stairway calling a name that's lighter than air? Who's bending down

Wendy Newton. Photos online:
Remodeling Monster part 22: Guest Room (20-Mar-2008) et seq.
Wendy's 20th Birthday Party (20-Mar-2008). The photo of Wendy by the fire is from her party. I've got this nifty setting on my camera for night shots -- it fires the flash to get the subject in the foreground, then keeps the shutter open a little longer to get the fire or whatever else is in the back. I'm just getting the hang of it. I have to keep fairly still for a bit of time after the flash goes off, and I'm certainly not used to that -- I'm usually already in motion towards my next photo opp.

Last weekend, went to a party. What do you get a girl celebrating her 20th birthday who's allergic to chocolate?Collapse )

Chaz Boston Baden, installing slats. We have this guest room, which my folks were living in for a while. (Maria's old room.) A full-size loft bed has just been installed. You can see me working on it here (right).

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06:25 pm


I used to be a lunatic from the gracious days. I used to feel woebegone and so restless nights.

Lynn Baden and Jocelyn Baden. Mom and Dad have two walkers.Photos online: Driving Around (15-Mar-2008)
The Old Homestead part 25: Lamps and Projects (23-Mar-2008) et seq.
Fabric on File: Taking Inventory (25-Mar-2008)
The photo of library_lynn and my mom with the walkers is for ala_mokita, because he wants to borrow one and put racing stripes and low-rider fringe on it.

I went over to the Old Homestead, because Mom & Dad are supposed to turn their mattress every two weeks.Collapse )

The Great Satan and the Little Dog. One thing that I don't want to forget has to do with when I was married to Debbie. Her little toy poodle "Vanilla" was convinced I was the Great Satan. The poodle had seniority over me -- she'd bought the poodle out of pity when she saw it in with the other doggies, years before we started going out. I told her a relationship based on pity would never work... that dog died of old age, twenty years later, having outlived our marriage. Anyhow, Vanilla would yap yap yap each time I had the temerity to walk in my own front door. So one of the things that I want to remind myself is that I don't want to be the Great Satan -- and I don't want to be the little dog, either.

When I was at my folks' house, I wrote all of their tasks on cards. They ought to be associated with the calendar, because so many of them have completion target dates. The calendar's due to go on the wall as soon as the secretary's in place. Or possibly in a drawer, which I think is a major mistake. If the problem is that the calendar's not pretty enough, get another calendar!

I've got a white board on my office door at home, and I've been writing my own tasks on there. "VANILLA/SATAN" with a red circle/slash through it is one of those notes. Another task is to finish writing my thank-you cards for everyone who worked on Animé Los Angeles. So why am I sitting here writing this LJ entry on my keyboard instead of finding my purple pen and getting back to work? I'll tell you about all my fabric some other time.

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