April 6th, 2008


Bye bye blues, bye bye blues. Bells ring, birds sing. Sun is shinin', no more pinin'

So long, bound for Sacramento... Tonight I'm leaving on a jet plane, heading to Sac'to on business. Two days. Back home in my own bed Tuesday night. Anyone in the greater Sacramento area want to do dinner tonight or Monday? I've got a restless rental car and an expense account. The Ramada in West Sacramento has wi-fi, so I should be able to check for messages when I get checked in. Or call me, my cell# is in my userinfo.

(Thanks to colleency for loaning me some DVDs to watch...)

EDIT: I've arrived in West Sacramento, I'm at Harbor Blvd. and Halyard. I can get online in the lobby -- this laptop has no wi-fi! So call me on my cell phone if you're within a hundred miles of Sacramento, won't you?

Oh, and for those who've been following my shirt saga: three people here have offered to make shirts for me. library_lynn and I bought buttons and patterns to go with the fabric I've shown you here before, and we mailed them off. I still need to stop and be measured, if I get that done in time I'll post measurements in my userinfo too.
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