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May 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

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02:14 am: Doctor, every night I have the strangest dreams. Doctor, listen to me, tell me what this means...
06:36 pm: ... First I'm goin' shoppin' in my underwear, then all of a sudden I'm floating in mid air... - 6 comments
01:17 am: ...My lips fall off and everybody starts to stare. Donuts and hot dogs are flying everywhere... - 3 comments
08:55 pm: ...Now doctor, wait a minute, you ain't heard nothin' yet. Next comes the part... - 7 comments
12:45 am: ...that I won't ever forget. Now I'm bein' followed by these Russian spies... - 2 comments
11:49 pm: ...They give me some velcro, and an order of fries. Suddenly I'm bowling on the Starship Enterprise. - 2 comments
01:57 am: I wonder how you're feeling. There's ringing in my ears, and no one to relate to 'cept the sea. - 4 comments
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