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May 5th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 5th, 2008

May 5th, 2008
01:17 am


...My lips fall off and everybody starts to stare. Donuts and hot dogs are flying everywhere...
A few more notes about the Photography Office at Costume-Con 26.

One thing that could have worked better: We made a jumbo poster-size printout of the Pocket Program grids, so we could write in assignments on timeslots. There are a lot of panels that didn't get photographers assigned to them, though. I could have used a team of dedicated photographers taking assignments to make sure we had plenty of coverage. And one or two photographers stationed near the elevators! And one assignment of "take pictures of everyone on staff in XYZ department" would have been good.

What's next? Well, we're going to set up a picture website. We're still accepting photos, via sendphotos (at) cc26.org, mostly because I want to fill in the gaps in our coverage.

Notes on equipment we brought or used: An assortment of digital cameras, a "Buffalo" external hard drive and also a "Seagate" drive (for the backup copy). A small number of laptops. Twenty clipboards, and some big rubber bands for them. Over a hundred kinds of badge stickers. About a thousand copies of the model release form, about 50 copies of the photographer releaase forms (which we should have printed on colored paper). A box of cheap pens. A grocery bag full of snacks from Trader Joe's, mostly chocolate. Five sheets of pegboard, I think they were 2'x4' -- four of them arranged as a zig-zag with simple hinges made from cord. Roll of masking tape. (Should have brought bluetape, but the masking tape was good enough for the coat closet.) A couple of extension cords and power strips, we needed a few more than we had. Schoolroom tables around the walls of the coat closet.

"Not having enough people" turned out to be one of the themes for this project. It's really difficult to recruit people to help with a photography project who won't be taking pictures! Most of my work over the weekend was really management and IT, not photography. We needed more computers. Faster computers. More non-photographer people. Fewer choices on the stickers, one style per photographer is plenty. And better scheduling.

Next post: my actual convention report...

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08:55 pm


...Now doctor, wait a minute, you ain't heard nothin' yet. Next comes the part...
So I went to Costume-Con and back. Before the convention, I'd been given the task of ordering most of the convention's official ribbons. I'd also agreed to take on the job of managing the Photography Office, which I've nattered about previously. For that project, I'd need to print out a blow-up of the pocket program grid, so I (foolishly) offered to print up one or two grids for the convention as well. [more]Collapse )

*Sigh*. Anyhow, the week before the convention, I was also running around looking for badge stickers at all the teachers' supply stores I could find. It was an eye-opening experience -- if you're looking for badge stickers for your party, you might consider looking at more than one store before making a final decision. (Or ask me, I have a bunch of leftover stickers. Unless costume_con wants them for something?)

And the badge ribbons arrived just under the wire -- they got to me Thursday, the morning of the day we left for the convention. Note to self: pay for the overnight shipping, if they don't get them done in time for ordinary ground shipping, I need the extra day to sort them out.

Thursday was really a shambles, all things considered. [more]Collapse )

Friday morning in San Jose I stopped at Con Ops to finish sorting out the ribbons. People were panting to get theirs, so it was pretty much the first thing for me to do on-site. (library_lynn brought me something from the con suite for breakfast.) Went to the Photography Office, set up my laptop, tried to install ActivePerl and my custom software on bovil's laptop. Why doesn't it work? Punt, we'll just use my laptop. (Big mistake, I had no idea it was such a toad of a machine. But that's something I didn't figure out until the end of the con.)

I basically spent the entire weekend in the upstairs Coat Closet (Photography Office) trying to catch up. Really, that's about the size of it. Staying up late to get all of the camera memory cards copied into the system each night so there wouldn't be a backlog facing me in the morning. I had brought little zip bags to sort out ribbons into, and those were used to tag memory cards with names so they'd get back to their owners.

I got loose in time to see the F&SF Masquerade Saturday night. [more]Collapse )

Oh, there were costumes at the convention. Lots of costumes. You think there are a lot of costumes, percentage-wise, at an anime convention like Animé Los Angeles? Come to Costume-Con, your head will spin.

Anyhow, meanwhile, back in the closet. My equipment that I had working was not sufficient to the task of copying all 60 GB of photos onto the one external hard drive before the convention was over. I was not able to put together an updated browsable index to the photos, nor did I have a slideshow going of the take. Backups? We were running on luck, thank goodness the Buffalo RAID drive didn't fail on us. (Hasn't yet, it's sitting next to me as I type this.) The stickers every day plan was overkill, so I had to return two thirds of them back to the stores this week. I was told at the last minute that everyone needed to sign model releases -- so all the photographers had to carry them around with them. Oh, there are so many things we could do differently if we ever do something like this again!

More later...

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