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May 8th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 8th, 2008

May 8th, 2008
12:45 am


...that I won't ever forget. Now I'm bein' followed by these Russian spies...
Status report on the Costume-Con 26 Media Repository: Getting the hang of putting photos onto Gallery 2. I need help adding a "Photographer" field, anyone know Gallery 2 well enough to give me some pointers? I want to do it to a bunch of photos all at once, not one at a time...

I mentioned that we gave xkokuux and ala_mokita a ride up to San Jose. A few days before we left, I double-checked our hotel reservation and determined we were checking out Tuesday morning, not Monday (the last day of the convention). library_lynn and I had both put in to have the day off from work as vacation time, so I didn't shorten the reservation -- but I forgot to tell Lisa and Christian. Oops! With a little scrambling around I managed to find rides home for both of them on Monday, because they had work or school Tuesday. Many thanks to rebecca817 for taking Lisa home (or that is, back to my house to pick up her car), and to Lance Ikegawa for getting Christian back.

The convention had four big events and two or three exhibit rooms. I made it to one of those: the F&SF Masquerade, Saturday night. I missed the Victorian Underwear social Friday, I didn't go to the Future Fashion Show or the Historical Masquerade... I spent most of my time in the Photography Office, copying photos and fiddling with the tools I wrote and brought.

colleency invited me upstairs to Kim Bergdahl's birthday party. I learned that when Colleen found runs and snags in the white stockings for her Alice in Wonderland costume, she announced to the room at large that "These stockings are totally hosed" and was bewildered when the whole room burst out laughing.

Colleen and the rest of the Gang of Four wore coordinating costumes together almost all weekend, such as the day they all wore polka-dot '50s dresses. They found themselves stopped for photos all weekend. (Now they have a better feel for what the anime cosplay experience is like!) On Monday morning, they hung out at the pool in their '30s and '40s bathing suits. A few photographers such as johno stopped by for pictures. Mike Schweizer shot pictures for about half an hour, and liked the results so much he asked the girls to sign his own model release form so he can use the photos professionally.

Most of the convention was about other people, it seemed to me. I was okay with that -- I was there in a support position, both officially in the sense of running the Photography Office and unofficially in my relationships to other people. I must thank missmea and Colleen for spotting some jewelry that Lynn would like. We support each other...

Maria cut a wide swath with the red shimmy dress. Pat got a little video of her dancing in it; I hope to post it on the "Costume-Con 26 Media Repository" once it's ready. In fact, alone or with the rest of the group, Maria or the whole group often were the center of attention. Maria even received a Hall Costume Award -- on Friday, when they weren't handing very many out. She was in her 1930s outfit, complete with a hat she made herself and period make-up (with the eyebrows emphasized and extended).

Costume-Con is a "target-rich environment" for photographers. It's easy to get the same feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the photo opportunities as you might at, say, Anime Expo, with 50 times as many attendees. There were a few backdrops set up specifically for photography, and a number of photographers hung out there and got plenty of good shots. But not all of the costumers were rearranging their schedule to accommodate those lazybones -- you've got to spot them and shoot them while you can. Or, in my case, sit back in my luxurious office (ha) and send other people all over the property to catch 'em all.

If I'd pried myself loose from the Coat Closet more often, I might have made a stab at running down pictures of everyone who wasn't in costume. For example, many of the con staff were various "usual suspects" from the local convention scene. Or not so local; there were plenty of smofs from all over fandom, including at least four ex-Worldcon chairs. (Granted, three of them were from Bay Area Worldcons.)

Tom Whitmore, this year's Worldcon FGOH, asked for suggestions on who to interview, for a series of program items in the Denvention Fan Lounge. He wants to talk to me, too -- he doesn't know what makes me tick. (He should read my LJ, that'll give him a running start on that.) I told him that, sadly, I wasn't going to Worldcon this year. It won't be a quiet month for me -- Costume College at one end of August, Anime Vegas at the other, with Tiki Oasis smack in the middle -- but I won't be in Denver this time around.

More about Costume-Con later...

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