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July 6th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

July 6th, 2008

July 6th, 2008
01:08 am


...Chapter read and lesson learned. I turned the lights off while she burned...
A late night, considering I've got an early morning...

Erica Wienke wore her "Ala" costume today, with a purple wig (matching the "Chibi Ala" postcard hairstyle). She got the stains out of her dress, so she was able to wear it again. She helped at the table today. So did Mikal and Brooke, who got there shortly before the hall opened, and Martin Young stayed all day and into the night (see below). library_lynn and I picked up more of those wire storage cubes, and Mikal assembled a 2x3 stack of them so we'd have a place to neatly put bags, purses, and so forth so the place wouldn't look quite so sloppy.

We reduced the price on the shirts today, and sold a few more. We sold a handful of memberships, and lots of ribbons. So far we've sold 8 memberships, which is better than we usually do at conventions. (Last year we gave up on trying, and just printed discount codes on the flyers we'd bring to each convention.)

I was explaining the Costume Repair Station to Anastasia Krylov, who was dressed as "Yunihiko" from Damekko Doubutsu, in other words as a unicorn. She asked if we had the kit with us? Why yes, we do, how can we help? Her needs were satisifed by Res-Q-Tape, which kept her strapless dress in place so that she wouldn't have to fear being kicked out due to a costume malfunction. Other people who made use of the kit included someone who needed a safety pin, and two or three people who borrowed the hot glue gun and took it away to somewhere with electricity and brought it back again. Mary Jane Jewell and Charles Matheny stopped by -- M.J. was very helpful in locating the Res-Q-Tape. (I was looking for Toupee Tape and not finding any.)

Athena Pappa, Masoud Karkehabadi, Nick Smith, Elizabeth and Michael Reed, Gizmo, Henry Sierra, Bessie Siles, Melissa De Mello, Patty Engel, Sarah Goldberg, Zach Shaffer, Caroline Smeby, Carolyn Ayton, Stephanie Duchin, Andrew Vo, Parnaz Gharah, John Mongan. and various other folks stopped by today. (My apologies for not going and looking up all your LJ handles.) Rachel Mills wants to take on Recruiting and Volunteers. We'll see -- we had someone else volunteer for that at the Escondido Picnic, but she's going to be busy through Comic-Con.

We've decided we're definitely having an "Old School" theme for Sunday at animelosangeles, and a New Year's Day Dance on Thursday. We also have an Artist Guest of Honor, Scott Ramsoomair.

In the case of Mr. Ramsoomair, I stopped by his booth a couple of times, and basically made our offer of GoH-ness by writing notes on postcards. It worked, so I'm happy. Scott had a table (sharing a booth with another artist) in the Dealers Room, and always had a long line of people buying things and waiting for him to autograph them. We'll need to find him a space in the Dealers Room, probably one of the bonus tables we have at the back where we're putting Kevin Lillard. I'm going to want to set up a line of communication with his fiancée, because (a) Scott's e-mail is ginormously busy, and (b) we want to learn about his particular likes and dislikes so we can pamper him better on the day.

I also met Sean Myers and Ayano Fujita, from the Japanese Video Translation Academy in Los Angeles. They're heavily involved with the Japan Film Festival L.A., in addition to training translators and offering translation services. I told them to look into "Crunchy Roll" because they're in related fields. Sean tipped me off to a new film from Inoue-san that's due to premier at the Chicago Film Festival later this year, and maybe we can get permission to screen it at our convention in January.

Dinner was with a much-abbreviated ACML group. Corner Bakery was closed today, so we went to California Pizza Kitchen. We had people from Otakon, FanimeCon, Animé Los Angeles, and Kevin McKeever from Harmony Gold. Not as much representation as I'd hoped. We passed around some business cards, or postcards in our case. Jim Vowles showed us the Otakon series of collectors' cards -- with different messages such as "Baltimore smelled funny before Otakon arrived" and "Please don't steal our banners." I'll post a sample of them later, I'm tired -- we were at the restaurant until 10:30 pm.

More tomorrow!

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