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October 23rd, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

October 23rd, 2008

October 23rd, 2008
05:17 pm


...slippin' into the future. I want to fly like an eagle to the sea. Fly like an eagle...

Saltine at the Tower. Here's Saltine, my new car, a 2006 Scion xB (left). The birthday present library_lynn gave me was to do the shopping, test drives, loan application, paperwork, and so forth. All I did the Friday before Labor Day was come home, put down the key to White Devil, pick up the key for Saltine and drive away into the sunset. I drove up to the Tower, picked up Christian and we were off to Vegas...Collapse )

We hung out. We sold silly ribbons, to raise money to pay for the ones we give away at animelosangeles. We were given an invitation to an open room party that night, which is unusual for an anime convention. This party was being hosted by Xanadu Las Vegas, the convention next April chaired by Scott Anderson. With him was Jacqueline Mason, a recent transplant from Washington (state) where she has experience running Vikingcon. Christian and I are convinced that the convention has the appropriate fannish credentials...Collapse )

The DJ here has a ''Cowbell Hero'' gizmo and matching t-shirt. The party was the happening place for a while. Last year's animevegas DJ came up for a while -- he had a Cowbell Hero t-shirt and the actual cowbell to be used in the game. I've never played Cowbell Hero but I imagine it's on a par with Jug Band. He wasn't running the dance this year, but he brought a music player and provided the soundtrack for the party for an hour or so. Eventually the dance started downstairs and the party emptied out, but a lot of grateful fans were thankful for the dinner supplied by Xanadu. (Note to Jacqueline: A number of local anime fans hang out at one of the city libraries on a regular basis. Find out which one and get your postcards there.)

Christian B. McGuire at our Anime Los Angeles table and Costume Repair Station. We were given an Artists' Alley table by one of the entrances to the Dealers Room, and we were glad to have it...Collapse ) We brought the Costume Repair Station kit, as you can see in the photo. We helped at least 27 people, some more than once. Word spread that we had needle, thread, glue gun, and safety pins. (We had requests for hair clips and a hairbrush. I've asked Jess to buy a bunch of cheap plastic hairbrushes so when someone needs one for their wig or hair we can say "this one has never been used, take it and do not give it back to us.") I've been told that some people mentioned the costume repair station at closing ceremonies. Fair warning to the fans of Las Vegas: I don't go to every convention every year, so I can't guarantee I'll be back next year with the kit. Maybe someone local would like to offer to run a Costume Repair Station at the con? Or Xanadu could pick up the idea and have it as a feature if they keep their suite open by day...

Someone trying to out-stare Tiki. We also brought the Tiki lantern I got at Tiki Oasis. We named him Tiki. Christian had a flashy-light thing, so we tried lighting up Tiki Sunday night with it and taking it to the dance. For a while we sat outside the dance watching the people go by and giving away the last of the granola bars, and someone came up to try to out-stare it (left). I don't think Tiki lost that contest.

Freebie table upstairs. So let me tell you something that happened before the convention. I wrote to the Autumn Dream (ex-Ani-Magic) CFO on 2008-07-24...Collapse )

Another crackerbox in the parking garage. This one had a big ''Anime Vegas'' sign on each side. Another motorized cracker box was in the parking garage, this one marked "Anime Vegas" on both sides with plenty of fannish bumper stickers in back. License plate "GEEKGRL" and I have no idea who it belongs to. My guess would be someone senior on the concom, but who?

Something common to most anime conventions is what the last afternoon of the convention looks like...Collapse )

They have a nice little pool deck area at the Renaissance. I wandered outside once during the convention, and saw an Ouran Host Club gathering...Collapse )

Someone reading the Anime Los Angeles ''Shinbunshi'' newsletter. Animé Los Angeles has a newsletter. We handed them out at the table, and they also were (I think) stuffed in the goodie bags. And people were reading them at the convention (left).

People sitting in the lobby. Something I've noticed about conventions is that people will sit down in the halls and lobby, chairs or not (right). This is one reason why I think we may as well give our members a place to sit down -- we won't be spilling out into the walkways as much, and people appreciate a place to sit.

Cozymel's in Las Vegas. Not far from our hotel. We had dinner here one night. We mostly survived on chorizo burritos and hot dogs during the weekend. Dinner was the Xanadu party Saturday night, and on Sunday we went to Cozymel's. It's one of my favorite restaurants in the LAX area, and I was pleased to see they had an outpost near the hotel.

''Key Largo Casino'' is closed. And for sale. Apparently just having a casino is not an automatic moneymaker anymore, if this place is closed and nobody wants to scrape it off the property and start over. There's new stuff opening up in Vegas all over the place...Collapse )

The Chaz-and-Christian show unfolded again as we rolled down the highway. In Jean we stopped for gas and grabbed a nacho boat so we could serve ourselves some nuts or snacks without either of us having to rummage around in the bag. But driving into the sunset, with my hand up to block the glare that the visors couldn't intercept, meant that "sharing" a boat of Pringles didn't actually net me many crisps. Hoping for a gas station with bathrooms, we got off one exit too early and joined the parade of desperate men headed for the treeline... We took the 138/Pearblossom Hwy route (or was it Sierra Highway?) to the 14 and down to Granada Hills, and glory be, after dropping off Christian I was home before midnight.

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06:41 pm


...let my spirit carry me. I want to fly like an eagle 'till I'm free. Fly through the revolution.

Ann Totusek. Cathy Beckstead. So, what else happened in September. ann_totusek made a surprise visit to SoCal (left). That night nitroace (right) convinced me and library_lynn to come out to Camarillo Community Theater to see Noises Off.

There we learned that ala_mokita had Met A Girl that we've nicknamed Little Lindsey. (She's shorter than the other Lindsay we know and cherish.) Christian hasn't Met A Girl in quite some time, and he certainly hasn't dated a girl that he hasn't already spent months or years getting to know first. He told us where she works, and where she'd moved here from.

Christian B. McGuire reading a text message. The following week, at Coral, we learn that they were getting along nicely. In fact, they were sending text messages back and forth all the time -- while we were at Coral, he received and sent several. He estimated the day's traffic at 15 messages. I took this picture of him reading a message where she's described what she's wearing (left). He didn't let us know what the message said, but it apparently makes him smile. It's only since meeting her that he's realized his phone has an upper limit to how many text messages it can store.

Empress Pavilion, for Dim Sum. He invited me to join them for dim sum that weekend, on Saturday 2008-09-13 (right). She's been in L.A. for a few years but hasn't seen the sights -- so dim sum has to be one of them. At this point, they've known each other a few weeks but it's been an intense couple of weeks, with several dates a week and numerous e-mail/phone/message contact back and forth. I figure they've probably told each other a lot about themselves.

So I gave each them a quiz. Here's the one I wrote about Christian...Collapse )

If you've been reading my blog, you've probably learned enough to answer a few of them right off the bat! And don't feel bad if you can't answer them all -- I got some of them wrong myself.

(And I think I'm done with "Fly Like An Eagle." I'll find something else to continue my tale with, which continues later that same day.)

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