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October 24th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

October 24th, 2008

October 24th, 2008
02:09 am


Boom boom acka-lacka lacka boom. Boom boom acka-lacka boom boom. It was a night like this...

Katie Hopp(?) and Stephanie Duchin. After the dim sum, ala_mokita and I both had to run to get up to The Tower for our animelosangeles meeting and pool party. Our previous meeting had been just three weeks earlier. It was quite a success, even though I was feeling wretched (I came down sick on my way back from Indy). We met a lot of new staff people who have volunteered to help with the convention. For example, I met Katie Hopp, who is part of tenkuudragon's Decorating Committee -- they're in charge of the art benches and other decorating ideas (left).

Matt Wells and FER. And the night before, at our Exec meeting, head Fairy Godfather jubei_bishoujo (right, shown with Matt2 whose hair matches her outfit), explained the difference between the Fairy Godfathers and the Minions. Both are small teams that report to the Chair, but the Fairy Godfathers are for Moral Support and the Minions are for Life Support. Picture pom-poms, vs. paddles ("Clear!"). I was feeling wretched then too, but managed to make it through the Exec meeting without falling over. (One of the important decisions that came out of that meeting was to announce the Saturday membership cap of 2700, by the way.)

The two consecutive exec/general August meetings went really well, for me anyway. I had received reports from the Divisions and knew much of what had developed. (Some of that information turned into articles I posted on the website the next day.) But we didn't have the time at the general meeting Sunday to have all of the Division heads give a summary for the benefit of the rest of the staff.

I think this is important to do. I want, to the extent possible, for everyone working at the convention to have at least some grasp of what else is going on at the convention...Collapse )

So coming into the September pool party/meeting, that's what I wanted to have happen. It didn't work out very well for that aspect, unfortunately. On the whole I think the meeting was a success -- it just didn't meet my original expectations.

Mary Jane Jewell and Charles Matheny. Oh, we did have a good turnout at that meeting, don't get me wrong. And we had a number of people show up there that hadn't been to the August pizza meeting. M.J. and Charles showed up, for example (left) -- she's helping with Costume Repair Station, he's helping with Tech. And I was able to give summary reports on behalf of those Divisions I'd heard from.

Carolyn Ayton with Eeyore. divine_sage (right) and Arlene Satin prompted everyone to please tell them what help they needed, so we could put it in the next newsletter, so that Volunteers/Recruiting would know to keep an eye out for qualified people volunteering to be on staff, and so that we could add it to the website. We got some results that day, and more material came in over the following four weeks. Now the "Help Wanted" notices on the website are working. People are writing in to volunteer for specific staff jobs, which is just wonderful. The more people who commit to "I'll be staff for this-and-such job," the less we have to rely on the catch-as-catch-can volunteers that turn up; and with the Help Wanted notices on hand, the at-con Volunteers Department can continue the job that the Recruiting Department does pre-convention.

Decisions were made, inter-department coordinating happened, things were accomplished. I wish we'd had all the Division Heads represented, though. We didn't have all of the Div Heads present when we hammered out our rest-of-the-year meeting schedule, and that's part of what's bitten us in this regard.

So the question is what did I do wrong and what should we do differently...Collapse )

Food for thought, anyway. I want to remember that for when we meet 2008-11-16 at the hotel for our last real big meeting. The first one in December should not have anything important to accomplish -- we should be all lined up and ready to coast on into the convention -- and the last weekend in December is strictly a work party. Convention ho!

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