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November 14th, 2008 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

November 14th, 2008

November 14th, 2008
06:18 pm


(Devenir gris. Devenir gris.) One man on a lonely platform. One case sitting by his side.

After Autumn Dream, the next convention was pmx. I'll get to my full Pacific Media Expo report in a just a little bit. If you're hungering for a rundown, you can see my cursory Autumn Dream/Pacific Media Expo combo con report, which just touches on some of the high points. While it's obviously my own personal point of view and all about my experience, I tried to keep everything as fact-based as I could. And in comparing one non-animelosangeles convention to another, it meant I didn't have a personal stake in making one side look better than it was. I'll go into more details as to the PMX goings-on in a little while. But first: what happened between Autumn Dream and PMX?

Lynn Baden and Chaz Boston Baden. library_lynn met Little Lindsey -- we had lunch at BJ's Pizza with her and ala_mokita. As you might have expected, lunch with Christian means that part of the conversation end up revolving around loscon and Animé Los Angeles -- if they're to have a smof-free conversation, Lynn and Lindsey will have to not invite him, or me, or both us.

Halloween happened. I dressed as Grindlewald with a Hogwarts ID badge when I went to work...Collapse )

We had 61 trick-or-treaters, by my count. "Do a trick, get a treat" and the trick can be almost any feat or demonstration of skill. Cartwheels, singing a song, if you're three years old and can jump up and down three times that's good enough. And then their eyes get really big (and the parents' eyes narrow) when they see the huge yard-long stick-o-sugar.

Fun fact of the day: the giant plastic Pixy Stix, chock full of flavored sugar, only have 100 calories. You've seen those 100-calorie snack packs that are all the rage? You could just have one of these instead...

Katie has an XKCD hat. The very next day was a 'Something Positive' meet-up at Griffith Park. I met a girl with an XKCD hat...Collapse )

Next time I go to something like this, I'm bringing more food! And, I'll participate in the LJ community beforehand, of course. Get to know my fellow nerds...

Main entrance to ''The Abbey'' in West Hollywood. We went to The Abbey on the Sunday after Halloween...Collapse )

We had a worried ten minutes on the way home. When we got to the parking lot, I fished a couple bucks out of my wallet to tip the valet, and a gentleman played at wanting to go home with us (or take Lynn home with him) while his boyfriend went off to get their car. (He referred to Lynn as "Cathy" -- anyone know if that's a complimentary, uncomplimentary, or inexplicable handle?) Anyhow, he hugged Lynn and gave me a kiss on the cheek and we went off in Saltine and they went off in theirs.

And as we pulled onto the street I realized I couldn't find my wallet.

I looked around my side of the car, and had Lynn drop me off so I could walk back to the parking lot to ask around and look. By the time she'd driven around the block and rejoined me, I still hadn't found it.

We opened up the car and started methodically turning over every stone. It wasn't in front of the passenger seat (I'd had two drinks so she was driving), it wasn't in the back.

Eventually we found it near the parking brake, between the front seats. Much relief that we weren't out $60 and a bunch of credit-card/drivers-license inconvenience, and that we hadn't been victim to a clever pickpocket.

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