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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick .

March 8th, 2014

March 8th, 2014
09:19 am


Inspired by actual events
Inspired by actual events.

Week 1.
Me: "You should write thank-you notes to the two people you've stayed with most recently. Here's some stationery."
T: "I can't write them because it would be too disrespectful to how important they are in my life to just write two lines on a card. And besides, I have to watch Hannibal."

Week 2.
Me: "You should write thank-you letters to those two people, make the letters as long and detailed as you like. Here are their addresses."
T: "I can't write them because my best friend is breaking up with me as their S.O. is jealous of our sometimes-hot-and-heavy friendship. I also have to pack, another friend is letting me live at their house. And besides, I have to watch Hannibal."

(To be continued. Check back next week.)

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