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May 28th, 2014 - Walk Softly and Carry a Big Schtick — LiveJournal .

May 28th, 2014

May 28th, 2014
04:53 pm


Kansas City in 2016 bid party at Baycon 2014
Speakeasy party for Kansas City in 2016 bid at Baycon: Many thanks (in no particular order) to Leigh Ann Hildebrand for loaning me cufflinks, and Leo L. Schwab for delivering them, Warren Buff and Jason (last name unknown) for bartending, Glenn Glazer for the sales table, Pat Larson and Eric Larson for helping prep (cutting cantaloupe and Persian cucumbers, and putting everything on skewers), Gwendolyn Newton and three of her friends (EDIT: Linda Goldstein, Brandon Eads, and Ian Moore) for helping pack up, and another particular fan for the help I got that night afterward washing cups. And thanks to Meg Frank, Warren, and Jim Dennis for loaning their rooms to store boxes and gear and party trays.

Thanks to Baycon/Hyatt people Sabre and Octavio for getting me the 6-foot schoolroom table, and the Con Suite folks esp. Marty for the cocktail rounds, and the Klingons for telling me the secret of the beds; and Michael Siladi for confirming that we can have the bartender check ID at the bar instead of the doorman (myself) and therefore have it be an all-ages party.

Speaking of the bar, a shout-out for Maria Rodriguez and (I think) Connor Foss for providing the liqueur we couldn't identify. It turns out if you have a bottle and you tell people "We actually don't know what it is, it could be a Martian cordial or an engine degreaser, would you like to try it?" it just ZOOMS off the table. It was the most popular booze option while it lasted. We didn't even have to say it was something the bootleggers made on accident, or some other 1927-appropriate explanation. (And no, we're still not sure what it was.)

Did I leave anyone out? We had 180 people stop by the party (passing the threshold, even if only for a moment). We sold five presupports and a hat, and took in a nice chunk of change in tip money too.

A note on the Caprese Salad kebabs: I acknowledged this last summer to Aurora Celeste, but the Caprese skewers (grape tomato, piece of basil leaf, chunk of mozzarella cheese) are insanely popular.

This year I bought a chunk of mozz. cheese and had the deli counter at the supermarket take care of cubing it. Likewise the cheddar. I bought deli dry salami; I would have saved five bucks if I'd bought it from the cold case and then had the deli guy cut it.

Menu of what else we served available if anyone cares.

Footnote: The secret of the beds is that we can't remove the beds, or have them disassembled by the hotel. But if we take them apart and lean them against the wall, and put them back the way we found them, it all works out in the end.

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