March 3rd, 2018


Packing for the stuff that doesn't fold

Planning for trip to #Baycon. I’m going to do a test of packing my car with all the stuff that doesn’t condense. That will give me an idea of how much space I have for everything else which will be repacked into bags to be piled into the car.

Alexander Cart
Bottles of beer, liquor, soda
Buckets, 3
Bus tubs
Candy tin
Charlotte pipe
Coffee maker
Cutting board
Dish drain
Doilies box
Hand vac
Ice chests for ice, soda, beer
Pitchers, 2
Box of serving dishes
Power strip
PVC pipe framework
Shot glasses, boxed
Sign holders
Folding tables, 2
Hot sauce
Boxes for cookies
Grooming kit
CPAP machine

Yes, I know things can be packed inside of other things. Tentatively planning to pack the pitchers with the plastic cutlery, and the coolers will be filled with the drinks.

My own clothes will be packed in two or four small duffle bags, rather than one big one.

Rough plan for 2x3 cubbies: Bar stuff; cups/boats/cutlery; cleanup; electrical; tools; utensils.

Cookie boxes: clear piece of packing tape on the end, with a piece of masking tape or blue tape on top of that, marked with the contents.